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Old January 2nd, 2005, 11:34 PM   #16
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I sent you Email Patrick, but I'll post my thoughts/comparisons here for anyone else that is interested in the cameras in this field.

I have a little experience with the F828, the c8080 and the Canon Pro1. I gave them all a test as well as the A2 before I decided which to buy.
I'll start off with picture quality, all of these 8mp cameras are very close to the same picture quality. I think the c8080 might have a slight (very slight) picture advantage, and the Pro 1 might have a slight definition advantage.
With the belief that all the pictures came out close to the same, I picked the one that was most ergonomic, and had the best layout and best features. The Minolta *easily* won over the others.
First off, it's the only one with an image stabilizer. Yes, the lens is a touch slower, but the IS system it has really works well. It will more than make up two stops in low light shooting.
Plus, it is the only one with a real manual zoom AND a focus (by wire) ring on the lens like a real SLR. (some have only the focus ring)
With the battery grip added, it feals like a real pro SLR, not just another digicam (like the F828).
It has the best EVF of any digicam ever, something like 900k pixels compared to the others at around 250k pixels. I honestly miss it for reviewing pictures while using my 10d.
Good movie mode, that works with the image stabilizer.
It's got lots of other small features in addition to those, but the above are the most important ones to me.
Ergonomicaly, it is great. Buttons and dials for everyting. A seperate dial/wheel for shutter and iris, so you don't have to switch between them like on other cameras. That was a big pet peeve of mine. I went from a Canon EOS Elan 7 to the A2, and didn't feel like I was using less of a camera.
Plus I think only it and the Canon have 28mm at the wide end of the lens. Maybe Olympus, not Canon. Can't remember offhand. That's about it!
I'll go over the flaws as well, just to be honest. It has the same major drawback as all the rest of the cameras in this category, noise at higher ISO. At 50 it's great, almost noiseless. At 100, it is OK. At 200 there is visible noise, whether it is too much is a personal decision. 400 is too noisy for use, and 800 is completely useless. This is really the same as the rest of the cameras in this category, so it wasn't a deciding factor. From what I read, the noise is due to the high resolution out of the little chips. The other bad thing about it is the autofocus is slow compared to a high end SLR. About the same as my Elan 7. The same could be said of the other cameras though.

Thats about it!

Need to rent camera gear in Vancouver BC?
Check me out at
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Old January 3rd, 2005, 03:55 AM   #17
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SONY 828

A few thoughts on the subject. I have heard/read that the A2 is a good camera. I can not really comment as I have not had the pleasure.
A high end Canon or Nikon DSLR would have been nice but with other matters to consider I went for a 8MP digicam. I did this in early December 2003 and there was little (no) choice. The SONY 828 was just about at market. I ordered from SONY (here in Nova Scotia) and one was shipped in (one of only 50-60) in the country at the time.
I had looked at previous SONY cameras (and others) but was totally not happy with memory stick only. The 828 has dual cards (memory stick and CF). Sold.

I spent christmas playing with the new toy and learneds a lot. As mentioned in other posts the high asa ratings can be more prone to artifacts. This is probably partly due to the chip physical size, but then look at high asa films. This would be the same for all this crop of digicams as they all 9at least most) use the SONY chip.
There are trade-offs with all these cameras and mostly it is a matter of being comfortable for your uses, and being familiar with the gear.
I have been impressed with the 828 and like the ergonomics. the nght framing feature is usefull and it is "fun" to play with the nightshot. The manual focus and manual zoom (separate control rings)are a godsend.
I had previously used Olympus OM 2 film cameras to do some dance recital group shots ( a yearly undertakiing for some local schools) but have totally switched to the 828. I use the camera flash to trigger my studio lights and is great. I use a 1G card and have just bought another off another forum. the 828 is not perfect but it works well for my needs. I have printed (Epson 2200) very detailed and sharp (where is the grain etc.?) prints as high as 13" x 19".

If you are looking for ANY digicam read the reviews (with a grain of salt) and try one out. I was lucky with SONY as they have a 30 day return policy, so a good try was possible.
A site worth visiting and reading practical reviews on is I believe he covered the 828 and later the A2. You will find a wealth of usefull information there.

Good luck and enjoy

PS If you have any questions about the 828 I would be glad to help if possible.
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Old January 3rd, 2005, 04:04 AM   #18
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I sent you a series of pictures and answers to your questions
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Old January 3rd, 2005, 09:04 AM   #19
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Thanks for the input. We actually started with the 828 but we really weren't impressed enough. I understand the noise at high ISO is standard but the bichrominance or purple fringing seemed to show up everywhere and the quality at 100% seemed to be pretty bad.

I have tried to read the reviews of all of the 8MP digicams an we have tried a couple others, with the only one remaining being the minolta A2.

Now I dont think the A2, are any of then can beat the 6MP DSLRs but if they can make up for their shortcomings with value and the all-in-one factor then I would be happy.
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Old January 3rd, 2005, 09:07 AM   #20
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thanks for the inquiries

Thanks for the many inquiries here. As it has not sold at this venue, I have posted the item to an online auction.
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Old January 3rd, 2005, 09:21 AM   #21
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canon gl1 for sale

The gl1 is 3 years old and is in great shape. It comes with 3 additional 3.5 hour batteries (Power2000), a velbon maxi 347gb compact tripod, and two inexpensive lenses (one 0.7x wide angle and 2x telephoto converter). It also comes with all of the accessories that were included when it was new. I am asking $1150 for this camera o.b.o.
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Old January 3rd, 2005, 01:37 PM   #22
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Waiting for Cashier's Check!!


Thank you for sharing your world with
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Old January 3rd, 2005, 05:44 PM   #23
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XL1s wth many extras

Im thinking of posting this on ebay later this week, but until then I thought I would list it here to see if anybody might be interested. I am located in Canada so that means no tax to anybody in Canada or the US. I think this will be a better deal for Canadians though as we have to pay more for this stuff regardless.

Here is what I have:

-Canon XL1s, mint condition, excellent cosmetically and no functional problems. Had a problem rewinding tapes so I sent it in to Canon and I paid to have the whole recording unit replaced which means new heads. It has 10 min on the new heads, just to verify everything was in working perfect.

-comes with a standard 16X lens, remote, charger and sp100 shoulder pad.

-large portabrace case or smaller tamarac case, both fit the XL1s assembled but the portabrace i smuch bigger.

-canon video light. the model that takes canon batteries, excellent condition with low use.

-canon long life batteries, the big ones, all canon brand, about 7 total, the majority still hold a full charge, a couple are a little weaker

-MA200 shoulder pad, the big one made by Canon with teh 4 XLR ports on the back

-Canon dual battery charger holder

For the whole package, I am looking for $4300CDN. Right now I am not looking to seperate but I may before I go to ebay. Anybody interested in one or more items but not the whole package, please send me an email with an offer. If it doesn't sell as a package, I will get back to anybody who wants parts.

Because of the new heads I am asking a little bit more for the XL1s portion of the package as compared to normal used units. With the other extras, I think it makes it a great price. The batteries themselves were very expensive.

Just so I know, what is the protocol if this goes to ebay. Do i need to remove this ad or can i post an auction number?

Thanks everybody.
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Old January 3rd, 2005, 05:46 PM   #24
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Just wanted to add that I am looking for a vx2k or 2k1 so I would consider a trade involving one of those if anybody was interested.
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Old January 3rd, 2005, 07:44 PM   #25
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Canon GL2 For Sale


I have a slightly used, in good condition Canon GL2 for sale. It comes with a Coleman hard-cover carrying case, extended battery and original battery with the AC charger, 8MB SD card for stills, large eye cup, and remote. I will get pictures up when I take them, and if you have any detailed questions, I am willing to answer or take a certain picture just for you. Low hours, everything works like new.

email =

aim sn = raydask8

y! sn = chr0nic

msn sn =


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Old January 3rd, 2005, 07:49 PM   #26
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Century Optics Mark I .3x Semi-Fisheye "Death Lens" for Sale : Bayonet Mount GL1/GL2

I have the rare Mark 1 Century .3x bayonet mount for the Canon GL1/GL2 series camcorderslens for sale in mint condition.

that's the only picture i have now, but i will take more tomorrow in the daylight. please make any offers you have to :

email :

aim sn : raydask8

y! sn : chr0nic

msn sn :

or just reply here. Thanks.
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Old January 3rd, 2005, 10:35 PM   #27
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Old January 4th, 2005, 02:28 AM   #28
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vx2000 FS and Tamrac Case for XL1/s/2

I have for sale a VX2000 in Mint Condition with about 100 total hours on it, original box, charger, battery, manual, everything that came with it except the memory stick (does have the m/s reader adapter/reader).

$1640 (includes shipping) firm.

Tamrac Case for the Xl1/s/2 the extended version holds extra lense in pouch check BH for details.

$135 firm (shipping at cost)

I can email pictures of both if interested



PS Im located in Santa Barbara, CA if anyone wants to preview the gear..
milking the celebrity criminal trials thank god for the freaks
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Old January 4th, 2005, 05:15 AM   #29
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yo Michel

Vince in Denver hope all is well.... look me up next you are in town
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Old January 4th, 2005, 07:46 AM   #30
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audio gear for sale

Senheiser 416 t in very good shape 550$
Sony c-74 short shotgun (short version )48 ph power only 400$ working perfectly ( sounds better then me-66 and 897)
Rycote 2 point suspension , comes with boom holder or handle ( or both) 120$ ( aditional 30$ for the boom holder)
i have 2 for sale

Cavision zeppelin -have small crank on the noose but working perfectly,
comes with home made fury in light beige color 120$
Rycote zeppelin - good condition 130$

variety of vdb - un cabled booms -9 300$( new vertion ),6 200$,12 feet long 300$
boom extention 3.5 feet for 6 feet and 12 feet -80$

Wendt X2 mixer in perfect shape( mint) + original pouch and strap ---750$

shure 32 mixer in exellent condition - 550$

Snake - Mogamy cable , xlrs out p.l mini stereo in , 7 pin xlr brake , 2
xlr in pl mini stereo and rca outs from the camera ( perfect for monitoring
dv x 100, pd-150,170 , xl1 or 2, and Sony dsr 570,390 camcorders) 130$

the suspentions and the zeppelins would be sold only with mikes or after that the mikres would go
the mogami snake for sale with mixer only and not separatly

pix up reqwest

Oleg Kaizerman
kaizero audio
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