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John Locke November 1st, 2003 06:20 AM

Lady X: Episode 21 released!
A woman in black forces a retired locksmith to overcome his painful past in a psychological journey that takes him from a graveyard to a cathedral.

Watch Episode 21 now! Go to http://www.ladyxfilms.com and click the "Current Episode" link.

The Lady X Crew

Episode 21 Details:

Directed by: Jami Jokinen
Produced by: Jami Jokinen and Mike Pohjola
Director of Photography: Ken Tanaka
Written by: Mike Pohjola

Principal Cast: Olli Martin (The old man); Tonja Goldblatt (His wife/Lady X); Venla Kuitunen (Library ghost); Various jackdaws (Jackdaws)

Audio production: Jami Jokinen
Music: Composed and performed by Jami Jokinen

Grip: JD Sorvari

Ghost's costume: Tytti Mulo
Ghost's hair: Mira Ahlroth

Ronnie Grahn November 1st, 2003 02:05 PM

Wow! That was pure eyecandy!
Really impressive photography wich carried the story perfect.
Looking foward to the conclusion.

Good Work!

Keith Loh November 1st, 2003 03:03 PM

Fantastic photography. Not just the quality of the image and the lighting but your composition is superb. This is totally professional quality. Captures the mood very well. The worst thing about this is "To be continued..."

I'm sure we will all be interested to know the ins and outs of your photography.

Canon and Nikon lenses, eh? Tell us more, please, Jami.

Peter Sieben November 1st, 2003 04:24 PM

Indeed great looking and moody work from Finland! Very nice to see a different approach to the Lady X concept. Can't wait to see the second part.

Peter Sieben

Mark Newhouse November 3rd, 2003 11:24 AM

Wow Jami,

That was some great cinematography! I'd love to see that full screen...

Yes, please let us know more about what Canon and Nikon equipment you used. How much of the "look" was accomplished in post, and how much was an excellent DOP?

I like how you were able to cut the jackdaws into a meaningful sequence. You used them well in showing off your beautiful city.

I, too, am looking forward to the conclusion.

Jami Jokinen November 4th, 2003 01:10 AM

Thank you everyone for your nice comments. I really appreciate them, especially because this is my first fiction ever. Up to date I've only made a few nature documentaries.

To be honest, I'd rather live without the technical aspects of filmmaking. But due to the nature of no-budget filmmaking and this community, I'll have to deal with the inevitable technical discussion. So let's hit it.

Canon means the original XL-1 with the stock 16x and the 3x wide angle lenses. I've also used some Nikon still lenses (20-200 mm) as telephoto with the Optex adapter.

A lot of the look is done in post using strong color correction with Canopus filters in Premiere. No specific settings vere used, as a photographer I've learned to trust my eye.

Outdoor scenes were shot in natural light. Indoor scenes were lit with three or four 600w and 800 redheads. This was a real hassle, I've never used any kind of video lighting in my life.

John Locke November 4th, 2003 03:23 AM


Could you tell us how you did the intro three-part zoom...from the landscape...to the clock...to the jackdaw? Three different clips, obviously...but I'm wondering how you made the zoom from one to the other. And I'm also curious how you've shot the jackdaw in the window at eye-level, considering there are no tall buildings in front of the clock tower for you to have run up into and shot across the street. Because of that, I'm guessing the shot of the jackdaw is a different building altogether or a window in the clock tower building but on street level?

Jami Jokinen November 4th, 2003 03:50 AM

<<<-- Originally posted by John Locke : Jami,

Could you tell us how you did the intro three-part zoom...Three different clips, obviously...but I'm wondering how you made the zoom from one to the other. -->>>

Shooting with a wide-angle, then with different telephotos from one spot. After that driving like madman (in order to keep the clock at about the same position) halfway closer to the tower and shooting again. With all these clips at hand it's just about careful compositing. After all, the zoom parts consist only of 2-4 different frames.

<<<-- I'm guessing the shot of the jackdaw is a different building altogether or a window in the clock tower building but on street level? -->>>

This might be something that I'd like to keep a mystery at least for now...

(Actually it's my new glidecam that I can glide up and down the belltower with... ;) )

Steve Franco November 4th, 2003 10:37 AM

I don't have speakers here at my work computer but I decided to watch the film based solely on the visuals. Very impressive! I think you've made the best looking Lady X episode so far in the series. Congrats!

Jami Jokinen November 5th, 2003 02:39 AM

Please try to watch it with audio also. The audio plays (of course) very important role. Our episode has also original music composed for this purpose.

Brad Simmons November 5th, 2003 05:33 AM

Amazing cinematography Jami. That might be the best footage I've seen shot with the Canon, hard to believe it's not film. The music is really well done as well, fits perfect with the subject matter. Since I have a Canon and the Canopus this gives me some hope that a look like this can be achieved with my equipment. Do you have Canopus 2 or the older version? I'll have more questions later, nice work.

Steve Franco November 6th, 2003 08:42 AM

I just watched you movie with speakers this time. I thought it was excellent. The music fit nicely with the overall tone. Also is there going to be a part two for your Lady X submission as it ends with to be continued?

Jami Jokinen November 6th, 2003 11:38 PM

Check out episode 22 on November 8th.

Dylan Couper November 7th, 2003 12:31 AM

Best cinematography yet. I'll be surprised if anyone can top this one. Amazingly good.

Now some critical feedback, as much as the pretty pictures entertained me, you took 7 minutes to say virtualy nothing, except there is an old man, a ghost and a book.
Most of the rest of us Lady X producers have squeezed massive amounts of story into only one episode, where you who are lucky enough to have twice the time of the rest of us, have drawn things out rather slowly.

As far as cinematography, editing, and sound go (plus the old man is great), you are certainly a contender for a batch of awards.

As far as the story goes, I have to put it near the bottom of the pack.

Jami Jokinen November 7th, 2003 01:55 AM

Thanks Dylan,

at last we get some critical discussion. I've really been waiting for this.

You are absolutely right about the slower story compared to other episodes. This is carefully thought and goes hand in hand with the mood and genre we chose.

We did have this approach from the very beginning, even before we were granted two slots. As soon as we did, I had the opportunity to make the edit even slower. I realize this luxury has to be taken in consideration when comparing the possibilities of visualization and editing in our episode vs. 7-minute episodes.

As far as the "story" goes, that is a matter of approach. To me a story in a movie can be found totally in another level than what is seen as straight action in the picture. I might even accept a movie that would just hit me with a strong emotion, even without a noticable "story". If the story can be found in different levels and experienced differently by different viewers, it's even better.

Nevertheless, our story is much smaller and subtle than in other episodes (so far). But there is one, seeing episode 22 might lighten it. But possibly not to all viewers.

I think it the series is richer with episodes that differ enough. Because the viewers do, too.

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