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Jonathan Levin April 16th, 2010 01:47 PM

Making A Difference: my 10 minute marketing video
There is more info on the production aspects on the page to. Let me know what you think. BTW- the video was shot completely on a Canon HV30 AIC1080 30P

Recruitment video for Rush University

Jonathan Levin

Jonathan Levin May 10th, 2010 10:57 AM

Any comments, good or bad????

Mike Watson May 10th, 2010 01:35 PM

Certainly a lot to comment on.

Some really good soundbites in there - good job capturing those moments with the interviewees. The black and white still photos were very effective, and worked well as a theme throughout the piece.

Muslin backdrops (especially black and white splotchy ones) have "elementary school photo" written all over them. I'm not saying I've never used one, but when I do I try and bring it *really* far behind the subject, so it's pretty far out of focus. Your subjects seem to be sitting right on top of the backdrop.

The framing of most of the interviews could use some work. Google "look space". Look at framing of interviews from TV programs that imitate the same style (20/20, Dateline).

I can't believe a paying client would allow you that kind of animated logo hogging up the first :15 of their video.

Flying boxes are very dated. Again, watch TV programs (or web videos) that you respect, and count the number of flying boxes. You will count 0. What else do programs you want to emulate use for production values?

If there are other areas you'd like critique on, please respond. Sorry if this was too rough.

Jonathan Levin May 10th, 2010 02:43 PM

Hi Mike.

No these are good comments. After thirty years in the biz I can withstand pretty much anything.

A couple of notes: The first fifteen seconds (I assume you mean my logo thing was NOT in the final delivered project. Just for my promo purpose. Video actually starts at the University logo.

As far as backgrounds, I was really limited in space to shoot. The largest room of all the ones we shot in was about 15' x 15'!!! We had other room options, but they were to noisy being that they were located near a public transportation train line! I thought about plain black, but I still couldn't get subject away far enough for black to become muddy gray. White out of the question.

The above should explain the framing. And my choice to cut-away to photos (as well as covering the hundreds of edits for dialog)

I built my own kino out of a series of cfl, with barn doors.

I didn't use it for this project, but I've now immersed myself in Motion, and looking at other ways to make captivating titles. Along with looking at everything.

In a perfect budget world, farm out the motion graphics, sound, DP, et al but hey, this is a good way to learn.



Jeff Murray May 11th, 2010 06:26 AM

Great interviews
A good clip - good work with the interviews - great opener. With regards


Jonathan Levin May 11th, 2010 02:43 PM



I learned so much from this that I'm sure my next project would look completely different. For one, I'd love to have time to not only shoot the still photos, but also some B roll. I'd never do a project like this without getting transcripts made form all interviews. Best money invested, in my opinion.

As Mark said, the opening titles of the flying photos are something that I'd handle differently next time. Bit I like simple.

If the people in the interview were able to get to my studio, just having more space to work with would have opened up al sorts of possibilities.

Either way, the client was delighted to have 1) something in focus compared to their other videos 2) white balance was the coolest thing I think they've seen!!! They were easy to please and I wish I had about a dozen of this kind of client.


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