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Paul Osborne September 15th, 2009 07:59 AM

Ice Hockey anyone? Can this Camera shoot to CF cards?

I am thinking of buying this camera, but need advice. I currently shoot with a Z7, sometimes with digital extender in - live Ice Hockey pumped up to a 4:3 video wall. I don't record anything unless it is a goal or action, and then I hit record to send the 14 second cache to the CF card.... and then the clever bit - I use the CF recorder unit to playback that clip, or indeed any of the previous clips up to the videowall to show instant review...often within 10 seconds of the goal.

But I need a lower cost replacement for the Z7 (I use the Z7 elsewhere). So I need a Sony HDV camera with ability to work with the MRC1 CF recorder via firewire. So this new camera needs external control and compatibility with the CF recorder, Digital extender and a decent longish lens. It also needs some gamma adjustment to compensate for ice, and the inadequacies of the videowall. I need manual zoom too -hockey is too fast for powered rockers.. Manual focus and manual exposure is important, although that does not need a specific button, nor iris wheel/ring. Playback from the CF recorder, via firewire thru' to the camera is essential, as the composite out is the only way to feed the videowall.

Does the HD1000 fit the bill? I have around 1100 to playwith..otherwise this project is unviable. I'd quite like a used FX1000, or even FX7 - but that is outside the budget, and I don't know if it supports the CF recorder (ie... does it external record AND playback?) A Z1 would fit the bill, but is old style - I can get a cheap FX1, but is the difference between it and a Z1 that the FX1 does not do external record? Sony seem to say that only the Z7, Z5, Z1, A1, V1 support the CF recorder... only the first 2 are newer CMOS cameras.

Bryan Daugherty October 8th, 2009 09:06 PM

As far as I know, the HD1000u is compatible with the MRC1 as a recorder but it does not support all the features the Z5, Z7, and S270 support. You might check this board Sony HVR-MRC1K CF Card Recorder - The Digital Video Information Network and see if anyone has a more detailed answer. I remember at one time seeing a list of compatible cameras in there.

Adam Gold October 8th, 2009 09:40 PM

Just to clarify a little, any cam with FW (HDV or DV) can work with the MRC in FOLLOW or Independent modes. Both the HD1000 and FX1000 fall into this group. The rest of the HVR family (excluding the HD1000 and A1U) also works in SYNCHRO mode, because they have EXT REC CTRL. The Z5 has the added advantage of having the MRC snap directly into the back of the camcorder. All others must be attached via FW and the Unit sits in a cradle on the accessory shoe.


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