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Sony NEX-VG10 / VG20 / VG30 / VG900
Interchangeable lens AVCHD camcorders using E-Mount lenses.

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Old May 20th, 2013, 01:38 AM   #76
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anyone interested in a EA50

Hi, anyone interested in a EA50 bought two months ago, I had only three marriages, I have poor eyesight and can not seem to cope well with autofocus, I have not found suitable for the way I work very fast and reportage ....
Sony Ea50eh kit
sal 16-50 oss f2.8
adapter sony laea2
adapter for Nikon
adapter for canon

for price contact

sorry for English use a translator
Nino Defra naples
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NEX VG30 chroma subsampling

Does anyone know whether the VG30 uses 4:2:2 subsampling or 4:2:0?
I believe I read that the VG900 uses the former, and aside from the sensor they appear to be fairly similar.
Thank you in advance.
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Re: NEX VG30 chroma subsampling

The VG series all "print" 4:2:0 to the SD card. I've seen nothing to indicate that the VG900 prints 4:2:2 to the SD card (it's not on the B&H or Sony website that I could find, and it's not listed in the manual).

Many people have stated that they believe the VG lineup does output a 4:2:2 signal if recording to an outboard hard drive (like a Ninja). Haven't tested myself, but I'd say it's a good bet it does.

Be very wary of assuming that Sony will stay consistent with their different cameras - even if they use they exact same hardware - I believe that they tinker with every single model just enough to make each unique (although the VG20/30 are quite close).

Unlike the Canon DSLRs, which all seem to be more or less cut from the same cloth in any particular generation, there can be major differences with Sony.
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Old May 25th, 2013, 02:54 PM   #79
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Nex vg900

I am new to this section of the site and to the NEX-VG900 and as such have a few questions that I hope other users can answer:
1. when using an E-mount adapter to connect a 35mm lens to the cam I assume that the VG900 has to be set to APC mode?
2. I have attached a Leica M 28mm F2 lens to the E-mount adapter and have been experiencing some difficulty focusing same. With the focus assist peaking set to minimal, objects in both the foreground and background (near and distant) appear to be in focus but, if focus expand/magnification is employed what previously appeared—via the focus assist with minimal peaking—to be in focus may in fact not actually be.
Is this a function of the wide angle lens or a camera/firmware bug?
3.Are there any users who have found or are using relatively light weight "A"mount motorized zoom lenses in the medium tele range that provide a sharp, contrasty image with the 900 and if so, which one or ones would they be?
Thank you in advance.

Addendum: I believe that #2 above has been resolved. Switching from an inexpensive Leica M to E adapter to a variety that has been canned by many—Fotodiox pro—seems to have rectified the issue. I suspect that the original adapter was not up to snuff as it pertains to flange tolerance.
As for #3 above, the Sony lens that comes with the VG30—albeit an apc lens—can be purchased for use with the 900 and is allegedly fully functional as it pertains to focus and exposure automation. The more costly, and considerably heavier fixed aperture Sony Alpha 70-200mm lens apparently will not invoke the autofocus when used with the "A" adapter that accompanies the camera. An odd Sony oversight. Hopefully it will be addressed in the future.
But in the end, the VG900, while no substitute for my F3, is as light as a feather and could conceivably be carried around all day long without the arm fatigue and gaggle of accessories demanded by the F3. And the slightly soft image described by others—likely the result of the lacking in-camera sharpening—can easily be addressed in post by a touch of sharpening.

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VG20 - 8 bit RAW pictures too?

I was just looking at some VG20 pictures in Adobe RAW. I noticed that all the color values are 8 bit. (0-255)

Is this true? Is this camera locked down to 8 bit RAW capture? I would have expected 12 bit.

Anybody know?

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Old May 31st, 2013, 05:47 PM   #81
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Re: VG20 - 8 bit RAW pictures too?

Cliff, you need to be specific here as to what camera settings you are using. AVCHD recording is 4:2:0 8 bit but by selecting .ARW (4:3 raw), your still photos can be output at up to 48bit depth

Sony used their own version of RAW images probably because of licensing requirements and that is a .AWR file. This needs to be processed by Sony Image Data Converter software and the result is 8, 16 or 48 bit depth photos, depending on your compression and colour space requirements. eg: 16bit sRGB or Adobe RGB .JPGs or a 48bit uncompressed .TIFF

PS: For best results, select 'raw' in camera and output to an uncompressed tiff in IDC
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F:- problem or error?

Hello there,

this is my problem with the vg30 and with the FS100 .............

both of the cameras was working well with a very cheap EF TO NEX adapter.........till i bought the speedbooster ...........

I bought this magical adapter for my fs100 but from curiocity to see how it does perfom with the vg30 i gave it a shot on that camera as well to see how it is............

everything works great with the speedbooster but after that my old cheap adapter seems that doesnt work on the FS100 OR THE VG30 anymore.............. and i dont know how and why and i dont know what to do.

any of my EF lenses on the VG30 or the FS100 now with that cheap adapter give me a really dark image even in bright light.............. its seems that the camera insteed of having the IRIS open at 2.8 is now on other number that i can not control cause my adapter a very basic cheap adapter.

is anybody out there had the same experience like me?
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Old June 16th, 2013, 09:32 PM   #83
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Re: F:- problem or error?

Yup. I think I may do a blog post about this. It's a lot to explain, and I don't even know for certain, but
I have my suspicions as to what is happening. Short version is, I have had several different brands of
EF to NEX 'smart adapters' basically just quit working and suddenly you can no longer control F-stop and
it gives you the F:- reading. The Metabones adapter suddenly quit working on two lenses that it worked
perfectly on. I bought an RJ adapter, and it worked great.....and strangely enough, the Metabones
started working again. Then they both quit working. My suspicion is that all the Chinese smart adapters
are using the same 'electronics'. Anyways, I sent my Metabones back for service and I will let you know
what happens when I get it back. There is something a little 'hinky' going on for sure. And it is happening to
many different people. The adapters work great for awhile, and then just suddenly quit working at some
point. If you read this article, you can see the author references iris problems with the Metabones.

News Shooter | The Sony FS700 = A perfect documentary tool?
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Canon 5D Mark III VS Sony NEX-VG900

"This is a full frame comparison video between the Canon 5D mark III and Sony NEX VG-900. The 5D Mark III captures 91Mbps in H.264 MP4/MOV format, and VG-900 captures 28Mbps in AVCHD format. To make it fair in this video, both cameras shot it with Atomos Ninja 2 with 220Mbps ProRes HQ format. Hope you guys enjoy the video ^.^

Lens used: 1980s Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.4
DSI Pictures Entertainment 2013
Filmed and Edited by Steve Chan
Music By Berni Law
Special Thanks: Steve Burlinson "

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Memory Card Question - VG30

Does anyone know for sure whether the Sony Mirroring Memory Sticks (MS-PX64) will work properly with the VG30?

Would appreciate your assistance!
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VG30- can focus peaking and zebras be used at the same time?

I'd like to know if focus peaking and zebra can be used at the same time on the VG30.
I think focus peaking would be key for me so if the zebras can't be used at the same time how do you check exposure?
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AF A-Mount lens for VG900

Hi - Does anyone know of a lens that has Autofocus for the VG900 that doesn't require the camera to operate in APS-C mode? I'm unsure of the difference between E mount and A mount - i assumed E-mount was for APS-C and then saw an advert for the E-Mount 24-70mm that states it's for full frame! Would this then fit the VG900 and if so would the AF work?

The main reason i want to buy this camera is to ditch my VG20, and replace it with a camera that should work so much better in low light which is great with my Canon EF lenses (with the right adapter) but I also want an option for that run and gun moment when AF comes into it's own


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Re: VG30- can focus peaking and zebras be used at the same time?

The Vg20 certainly does allow both on together so I assume the VG30 will too. (with histogram switched on too)

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Last week's Blizzard recorded w/VG20

Got some blizzard pickup shots last Sunday for my 5th full length horror film, tentatively titled "Stahlgeist," during one of the many storms to get us here in Michigan.

Used and old Canon FD 24-200 lens with a $15 dumb adapter:

I was out in it for about 2 hours. The camera got completely covered in ice and snow, including the touch screen. I'll say one thing for these little cameras, they are tough. Got back into the house, wiped it down, and it's like new. I can now say I've shot with the VG20 in record heat (Memorial Day almost 3 years ago it was record hot), and last Sunday during perhaps the worst winter ever recorded in this state.

Not too bad.
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Vg30 parts source from Sony wanted

I just bought a vg30 on eBay as a second camera with my fs100. I really like the camera.
I didn't realize when I bought it that the seller didn't have any of the accessories that came with the camera.
Anyone know Sony parts phone number where I can get the stuff I need?
I tried eBay and bh, but can't find things like component cable, ordinal manual ( I have the link to online, but always carry manuals in each camera bag),mic cover, remote control.
Bruce Yarock
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