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Peter Rush July 12th, 2013 03:55 AM

Is this brand new? Looks interesting

James Manford July 12th, 2013 04:02 AM

Re: Nex-vg900
Came out earlier this year ... hasn't been spoken about to be honest.

I think people have said at the price point Sony are asking. It's not worth it. If your paying under 2000 rather than the 3000 Sony are asking. I would say buy one, if you're after full frame goodness...

Then again. The codec limits it's potential a lot.

Steven Digges July 14th, 2013 12:02 PM

Re: Nex-vg900
It is identical to the VG30 except for the sensor and a big price tag. If you are an EA50 owner your better off with a VG30 for the match. If your not an EA50 owner your better off buying an EA50 for the features over the handycam format of the VG900.


James Manford July 15th, 2013 05:52 AM

Re: Nex-vg900
I'm fairly confident that like the VG20 being implemented into a pro body (the EA50).

They will do the same with this ... VG900 FULL FRAME in a pro body ... may be the EA90

Chris Harding July 15th, 2013 06:47 PM

Re: Nex-vg900
Despite the bigger sensor I'm not sure that it would be worth going for. All my non-Sony lenses are now for APS-C sensors so I really don't need to go that route. However if Sony did bring out an EA-90 with an 17-200 zoom with constant F2.8 stock lens then that just might tweak my interest of course but I can't see that happening !! In fact I'd be more than happy with a F2.8 - 10 - 24mm, and 24 - 85 F2.8 and finally a 70-300 again F2.8 all that come with the camera of course!

I really seriously cannot see Sony making a EA-90 when they already have the FS100 ???


Chris Quevedo August 16th, 2013 10:51 AM

Re: Nex-vg900
i could see it, just not yet. maybe in a few years.

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