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Derran Rootring June 30th, 2011 05:46 PM

New FS100 video: "Horses in the pasture at sunset"
I just uploaded a new video that I've filmed with the FS100 and 18-200mm E lens.
Hope you like it!

You can see the HD version on Vimeo.

Nicholas de Kock July 1st, 2011 05:38 AM

Re: New FS100 video: "Horses in the pasture at sunset"
Beautiful shots, thanks for sharing.

Derran Rootring July 3rd, 2011 07:14 AM

Re: New FS100 video: "Horses in the pasture at sunset"
Hi Nicholas, nice to hear that you liked the footage.

I've also uploaded the video to YouTube: YouTube - ‪Horses in the pasture at sunset (Sony FS100)‬‏

I received quite a few questions, so here's some more information about the video. It's filmed with the 18-200mm kit lens. I wanted to pack light, so I didn't bring my trusted Sachtler tripod with me, but a simple and small Manfrotto tripod. In editing I added a bit more gold look and a diffuse. I didn't plan on doing any color correction at all, because the footage looked fantastic out of the camera, but I wanted to match the music better.

Galen Rath July 4th, 2011 10:21 AM

Re: New FS100 video: "Horses in the pasture at sunset"
Absolutely wonderful, Derran. Looks like you have other cameras, too. Was wondering what percentage of the time do you think you will be grabbing the FS-100 in the future.

Derran Rootring July 4th, 2011 05:01 PM

Re: New FS100 video: "Horses in the pasture at sunset"
Thanks Galen!
From all the camera's I've owned, this is by far my most favorite and I won't hesitate to use it on any shoot. But before I purchased the FS100, I really had my doubt about the form factor. I'm used to working with shoulder mounted camera's and doing more ENG style work. In the mean while I saw all this amazing image quality footage passing by from the DSLR camera's and was thinking about making the switch. I did a lot of research but got lost in choosing the right accessories for the Canon 5D/7D. Then, more information came available about the FS100 and it looked like a fantastic 'in between camera' for my work. So, after going back and forth for a while I decided to take the plunge. If I was ever going to make the switch from ENG to DSLR style shooting I better do it with this camera. I also bought the kit lens and a 16mm pancake (including the ultra wide converter that makes it an 12mm lens). The last one would be nice to use on a steadicam, because you can just let the camera control the focus and iris. I also own a few Nikon lenses and been looking into buying the right adapter for it. It will be either the Novoflex or the MTF. Still looking for some good in-depth reviews about these adapters. But I will always keep the Sony NEX lenses for run and gun type shooting.

Working with the camera is a joy and while filming, I'm actually looking forward to seeing the footage again in editing. The image quality is stunning. With other camera's I hardly ever used the full screen function while editing on a 27" screen, but with this camera you don't want to work without it. Sometimes I even have to check twice, if the video is playing or not. The footage has almost no noise, so it's hard to see the difference between still and play. It's that good. And I've never had this "problem" with footage from other camera's. I never understood why there was such a big difference in image quality between picture stills and moving images, but with the FS100 it feels like every shot is a photograph... finally!

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