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Ross Herewini August 26th, 2009 09:41 AM

E-Films appoints Dolgin Engineering as their North and South American Distributor
Press News - Immediate Release

E-films announces Dolgin Engineering Inc. as New Distribution Partner
For the North and South American regions

Sydney, Australia, 24 August 2009 – E-films today announced the appointment of Dolgin Engineering Inc. as the new distributor for the North and South American regions.

In line with the response to increasing demand for E-films EX1/EX3 affordable memory products for the Sony EX-Camera series, E-films has appointed Dolgin Engineering Inc. to ensure the highest levels of service delivery, and sales assistance to broadcasters, editors, compositors and videographers, within North and South American Markets, particularly the USA.

“We are pleased to have increased our presence in the USA and surrounding areas and look forward to providing an even higher level of outstanding service to our customers” said Jeromy Young, Global Business Development Manager, E-films.

“E-films is leading the world in delivering the highest quality memory and transfer products for today’s digital age at the most affordable prices ever! We are dedicated to providing cost effective digital recording for Sony’s EX series cameras while streamlining recording and ingest with our range of solutions.

Dolgin Engineering Inc. will provide a new level of local-distribution service for E-films in the region, providing increased sales, technical support and local marketing capabilities.

“We are extremely happy to be partnering with E-films, the fastest growing digital recording media solutions provider in the world. The E-films product line-up further compliments and enhances the existing Dolgin product range for our resellers. Dolgin is well known in the industry for providing their own quality products and exceptional sales and support services and turnaround times,” said Alex Dolgin, President of Dolgin Engineering Inc.

E-films products are available online from E-films at Dolgin e-films and through E-films at E-Films products and through our trusted local reseller network in your region.

About E-films

E-films began life as a video production house concentrating their efforts on the corporate and event video markets, winning many awards for their innovative video work. Leveraging this intimate knowledge of what video professionals really want. E-films now design, manufacture, and market products targeted at professionals like themselves. Dedicated to providing practical solutions for production professionals at prices that allow even the smallest production units to benefit, E-films identify issues in digital tapeless workflow and engineers products to solve these problems.

About Dolgin Engineering

Dolgin Engineering designs and manufactures a line of fast battery chargers and power accessories for video the production and broadcast industries.

For information visit Dolgin Engineering Battery Charger Quad - Camera DC Power - DC Power Converters - Panasonic - Sony - Canon - JVC or call 781 863-1813, toll free 877 863-1813.

E-films sales and dealer enquiries to e-films@dolgin.net or 781 254-8909

General Dolgin inquires to info@dolgin.net

Jamie Roberts August 27th, 2009 05:05 AM

Thats all terribly exciting Ross.

It seems you havent bothered to answer my question on the last thread about your release in regard to Australian customers...you know... the people you share the great south land with.

Your silence in response to my question around your companies plans for the Australian marketplace speaks volumes.

How you conduct your business today will almost certainly impact on your business in the future....Nobody has a monopoly on the market place for long.

Neil McClure August 27th, 2009 06:36 AM

I know what you mean Jamie. Looks like Videoguys Oz are buying resale and adding 50% or whatever. Times are tough and basically I'm looking for the best deal I can get, so that means if I have to buy off-shore so be it. You could of course have a look at the MxR express cards. I have a couple already, no problems, same result, just at the same price as OS buyers...mmm

Leonard Levy August 27th, 2009 02:10 PM

Alex is a great choice Ross. He's been a great source of products and incredibly generous with his knowledge on these forums and in personal emails for a long time.

Hope you both make money for each other.


Ross Herewini August 28th, 2009 08:47 AM

Thank you for your question Jamie.

I apologise for not getting back to your question on the other thread. I have answered it there. But to be fair, you need to either email me, or PM me, if you need me to answer immediately, as we do our best to monitor all discussions, but we sometimes miss something. We're just human. So I think your comments about "silence speaking volumes" is a bit harsh, and frankly offensive. And in keeping with your theme, is not really giving our company a fair go is it?

I understand that something has upset you, but without specifics, I can't address any issue you are raising. I'm happy to discuss any issue you have in this public forum as we have nothing to hide, if you think that is the best way to resolve your issues.

Jamie Roberts August 28th, 2009 07:29 PM

Hi Ross

I have replied to your reply post on the other thread with specifics as you will see.

It is unfortunate that you feel offended and dont think I was giving your company a fair go. I did email your company in April and it was made very clear to me from your sales rep that I could not buy from E-films as I lived in Australia. I looked at my options pretty closely in terms of what I would have to pay If I bought the express card product from you or elsewhere so I dont agree that I havent given your company a fair go. Im happy to agree to disagree on that one!

I also note that you posted replies to other questions put to you on your previous thread almost always on the same day as the questions were posted, yet not only did you not reply to my post for a couple of weeks, you went ahead and began another thread without replying to my post on your previous thread. Of course thats completely within your rights but as you are the representative/owner of your business, that seemed to me a little suprising and, considering the nature of my question, hard to believe that it was simply an oversite on your part. Perhaps you werent giving me a 'fair go'?

I dont believe that asking questions or making statements that may not always please the subject, and are done so in a reasonable manner does not suggest or indicate that anyone is upset! I was simply stating my thoughts as this is a public forum for users of EX1/EX3 of which I am one.

Kind Regards


Chris Hurd August 28th, 2009 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by Jamie Roberts (Post 1282536)
Perhaps you werent giving me a 'fair go'?

On this site it is mission-critical that we all assume the good faith of others as a given.

I don't think it's too much to ask, but I have closed more accounts on this one detail than any other item of forum policy.

Jamie Roberts August 28th, 2009 09:41 PM

Absolutely Chris. I couldnt agree with you more!



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