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Dave Gosley February 10th, 2011 02:39 AM

Zeiss DigiWide for ex3?
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For a while I have been researching wide angle lenses on a budget for my ex3. Foremost at the moment is the Fujinon marketed for the ex3, but I looked around for alternatives as there are several reviews, writeups / comments regarding the quality of this unit that concern me..

I found a brief comment regarding a Zeiss lens - a "DigiWide" that would suit the ex3, so I set about finding out about it - more especially how much it is... Being unable to find out much in general I went to the Zeiss site direct - can't find anything much about it - or a price. I asked Zeiss for a price and availability on it and they sent me their price list (attached). Am I being dumb - or is the DigiWide really on this list? When I asked the contact at Zeiss where the info on the DigiWide was in the price list sent - a curt reply came back "you can find it on the internet" at which point I gave up. I'm not usually one for giving up and as this was several weeks ago - it's been gnawing at me to this point - so please, anyone know anything about this lens, what it's like, price and where to find - possibly a s/h unit within my budget??

Doug Jensen February 10th, 2011 05:19 AM

What you're looking for is called the "Digi Primes" and they are about half-way down on the XLS page.
Get out your checkbook. Here's the 3.9mm wide-angle Digi Prime that you're looking for.

B&H doesn't have it in stock, so you'll have to wait a couple of weeks. Also, keep in mind that you will also need an adapter to mount it on the EX3:

And, because the EX3 only has a 1/2" sensor, you need to consider the effects of the crop factor. The 3.9mm focal length will have a field of view approximately 37% narrower than it would be on a 2/3" camera.

Zeiss also has a 5mm Digi Prime for $21K, but don't waste your money on that one because it will only be slightly wider than the EX3's stock lens.

Love to see some sample footage when you get it. :-)

Dave Gosley February 10th, 2011 07:08 AM

Hi Doug

Thanks for that - mystery solved...
It does say DigiWide on the barrel of the lens so I can forgive the girl at Zeiss.

Taking on board your most valuable comments reference the mounting and probable end result enables me to say it's not an option I'd now consider - but I did take a look at the link and needed a strong cup of tea after doing so..

Just going to plug myself into a bank of swits to regenerate the will to live... Lol..

Thanks Doug, appreciate the help.


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