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Jon Palmer January 5th, 2008 04:30 AM

Decent set of lights or a wireless lav mic?
Hi everyone......

We're in the pre-production phase of a feature film, and the budget has reached a stage where I kind of have to choose between water and oxygen...

I have roughly $1000 (AU) to spend on lights - which as it stands will be an el cheapo 3-red head kit of E-bay - NOT the perfect choice, but the best way to get a 3 point lighting setup for that price.

I've managed to scrape together another $1000, and so the dilemma begins. The only mic we have is the Shure SM89 condenser shotgun.....a very nice mic indeed, but wouldn't it be great to spend that extra 1000 on a good wireless lav mic, to aid those situations where a shotgun might not to such a great job (ie, indoors)?


Should I plug the extra money into the lighting fund and get my hands on a half decent kit, such as this?


I know in a perfect world I'd get both, and beleive me that is a possibility.
For the sake of argument, however, let's assume that our funding has now dried up.

What, in your experience, would be the best option? A great lighting setup and only a shotgun mic? Or a shotgun and a lav mic with only the most basic of lighting kits?
The film will be shot about 75% outdoors - where we won't be using lights - which makes me lean toward the second mic, but then I worry that we'll set the three el cheapo red heads up and they'll barely light a room....we're filming with a Canon XL2 with the redrock adaptor, so there is a fair bit of light loss going on already.......could I afford to use only cheap lights?

I'd love to hear your opinions guys..... -Jon

Steve House January 5th, 2008 08:38 AM

There's an old Hollywood adage that goes "When you're able, use a cable." Wireless lavs are a fall-back option when other micing arrangements won't do but usually involve some compromise on sound quality. And remember, for dialog you'll need one on each speaking player in the scene so only getting one setup won't be of much use. Rather than spend your budget on a wireless, you might want to consider a good hypercardioid for booming indoors (and out).

Jon Palmer January 5th, 2008 10:40 AM

Not a bad idea........cheers for the reply :)

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