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William James Ryan September 26th, 2008 09:55 PM

Representing Juneau Ak
I've been crawling over this site for almost a year now & I just now found this 'Introduce Yourself' thread... thought I'd make use of it. Hello! (Afterthought- got a little windy here. Sorry.)

After reading around, I find it funny how much I fit into some of the 'newbie' stereotypes/cliches there seem to be. For instance, I was reading about how 'they' always want the best but end up buying something cheaper. Yeah. I've been itching for an A1 since I started reading the DVInfo site; not gonna happen for a while. And the fully stocked Mac Pro? An iMac is starting to sound great right now.

I'm 24, and just starting on my "career" w/ video. I've always been interested in movies and have been writing screen stories (no real finished/published "scripts") since high school. While I love writing & the editing process, "ultimately I'd like to direct". ;) Just kidding. But not really. Unfortunately I fall into that cliche as well.

I just got impatient & bought a HV30 kit from B&H. It was kind of a "Chicken or the Egg..." situation... "Do I buy a mac first or get my camera first?" I did the stupid thing & got the camera, and now I can't capture or play w/ any of the footy, which cancels out my logic of 'well at least Ill get to practice w/ the camera until I get the mac' for getting the camera first. AND NOW I FEEL SUPER STUPID because I dont think Ill ever save up enough for a mac because I just want to keep buying toys for the camera! I just bought Ty's Audio Book, so I'll wait until I get that before I go crazy w/ recorders and whatnot. For now I sulk in the Apple Store's Refurbished section.

Thanks for reading, and thanks ahead of time for hearing & helping me out.


William James Ryan September 30th, 2008 05:00 AM

Sorry Mikko, I'm an A-Hole
I don't know what I was thinking by putting in "representing juneau ak" the title... that was retarded. I'm just trying to figure everything out... just got a HV30. You should give me some hints as to where you shop/ S. Franklin st. backdoor shops you might know of, or any projects going on in town. Thanks

Will Ryan

Gabe Strong September 30th, 2008 12:11 PM

Wow does that make 3 of us from Juneau on this site? :-)
Welcome to the great world of DVinfo! If you are interested I can use an assistant on
random commercial/corporate/wedding/whatever pays the bills shoots on occasion.

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