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Marius Svendsen May 14th, 2002 05:14 AM

Hello everyone.....
Hey, just thought I would write a little about myself.
My name is Marius Svendsen and I live in the capital city of Norway which is Oslo.
My dream is to be an videographer for any extreme sport company.I shoot in Dv with a Death lense to capture the action really close and it looks great when filming skateboarding.

Hm, i think I ran out of words now so that's all for now I guess:)
An honor to be a part of this great community.....


Marius Svendsen

Rob Lohman May 14th, 2002 06:13 AM

Welcome aboard Marius! I hope you enjoy your stay. Sounds
like your going to have/having a great blast with your camera!

Bruce Moore May 14th, 2002 10:29 AM

Sounds pretty exciting. Question: whats a death lens?


Marius Svendsen May 14th, 2002 03:08 PM

Oh, a death lense is just a name for the Century .3x ultra fisheye.
It's Baby Death and Death, Death are for bigger cameras like the GL-1, VX1000 and VX2000.
The Baby Death are for cameras with smaller thread's up to 37mm.
Both lenses produce basicly the same fisheye effect.

Bruce Moore May 15th, 2002 12:22 AM

Thanks, and now for a little humor....

Gee, and all this time I've been using a large fishbowl.


Christian Loennechen March 16th, 2005 01:09 PM

Hey there, I'm from Norway too, from Tønsberg to be more correct, and I have seen your work, I think.

You made Last Season, didn't you? Or I'm I totally off base here? Anyway, if you did, kudos to you, absolutely one of the best Norwegian skateboard movies made! I absolutely love the intro.

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