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Old October 17th, 2014, 04:06 AM   #31
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Re: O'Connor 1030D Arrived!


The comment on the counterbalance performance is valid. The OConnor balance mechanism is close to being mathematically perfect and departs the most from the curve at the last 5-10 degrees however this is masked out at minimum drag so cannot be usually noticed.

The counterbalance mechanism is a worm and wheel does not 'backdrive' so its balance mechanism does not 'move'.

What the experienced user is experiencing is 'spring hysteresis' and is present on every spring counterbalance mechanism. On minimum drag, if you tilt the head over top dead centre and let go it will balance in any position. If you then continue to tilt towards 90 degrees and let go it will then continue to hold any position. However if you then return to say 45 degrees without passing over top dead centre it will start to drift away. This is a property of all springs and can be masked by adding a little drag. Essentially the force given for given displacement of the spring is not exactly the same when you compress as when you decompress (follows a slightly different path) (Am sure there will be a wiki article on it ;-)

Regarding the plates we have a couple of options if you look on the website. The sachtler 7+7 uses the same size plate as do 100mm vinten heads and you are correct it is linked the bowl/payload size being used.

Anyway, Really glad you are happy with your purchase James please e-mail me if you have any issues with your head...am sure you won't!


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Re: O'Connor 1030D Arrived!

Mr. Steve Turner...Welcome back! Thank you for your thoughtful and detailed response.

Best regards,

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Old October 17th, 2014, 02:21 PM   #33
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Re: O'Connor 1030D Arrived!

Mr. Steve Turner...I've had an opportunity to digest your 'Threads' and I appreciate the information.

If, I knew we'd be discussing 'rate-dependent hysteresis', I would have broken-out my old 'pocket protector' and 'Slip-Stick' (Slide Rule for all you young people). It's a kind of a 'wooden computer'. : )

I can only hope no one asks a question on Fluid Dynamics. Heh, heh! My head already hurts.

I digress. To return to Steve Phillipp's initial observation along with Chris Soucy's search for knowledge, 'rate-dependent hysteresis' (hysteresis loop) is inherent in many things, including the 'spring counterbalance mechanisms' of our beloved Fluid Heads.

Therefore, the 'observation' is valid.

I love this place!

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Old October 19th, 2014, 12:57 PM   #34
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Re: O'Connor 1030D Arrived!

Happy Sunday to all!

I've now owned my O'Connor 1030D for a little over a week. And, as we all know, in 'Inter-Web time' it makes me the world's leading authority on all things O'Connor. I'm joking of course. : )

Caveat: IMHO.

The O'Connor 1030D gives me the most control I've experienced over my camera/payload of any support system I've owned or currently own. I don't know what that says about me, maybe I'm a 'control freak'?

It doesn't mean I'm unhappy with my other Tripod/Fluid Head system. On the contrary, it simply means I now have a piece of equipment, arguably acknowledged as 'best in class' to act as a performance benchmark.

The greatest benefit, at least for me, is I now have a choice. Different tools for different jobs. Or, as my UK cousins frequently say, "Horses for courses."

I have no plans to get rid of my Sachtler FSB-8 and Speed Lock sticks. They are my 'GOTO' lightweight travel sticks and in that role they perform brilliantly!

Both systems currently reside in the trunk ('Boot' for those in the UK) of my car. Right now, I tend to reach-in and pull out the 'O'Connor'. Although, I think the decision of which Tripod/Head system to use is primarily a function of the 'newness' of the O'Connor. That and the fact the camera plates are not compatible, requiring additional time to change-out.

When I receive the Manfrotto 357 QR and Plate, it will make going back and forth between the two systems much easier, with the added benefit of a little more weight (marginal) and increasing the CoG Height. No challenge for either the 1030D or the FSB-8.

Regarding 'rate-dependent hysteresis'. At this point it doesn't affect me; not that I could do anything about it.

I'm very pleased with my purchase and may actually be buried with the O'Connor. Just kidding. ; )

Be good to yourselves.


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Old October 20th, 2014, 06:09 PM   #35
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Re: O'Connor 1030D Arrived!

Congrats on your new tripod!
I love my 1030d, only issue I'm having is when I go to put it on the dolly with a willy's widget 100mm to Mitchell adapter and washer, the threads on bolt is about 3-4 turns short, meaning I can I can only get about 2 turns on the tie-down.
I've had this adapter for about 10yrs and never had problem with my old video20, anyone else having this issue?
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Re: O'Connor 1030D Arrived!

Can't you just put the Mitchell straight onto the head? Or does that take too much time. For those that don't know, the bowls on the O'Connors are easily interchangeable - on the 1030D you can put 100mm, 150mm or Mitchell.
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Re: O'Connor 1030D Arrived!

Just thought I would weigh in here.
I have owned basically everything in one way or another Vitec at this point. Starting out of course it was Manfrotto. Later two Sachtler heads and now a Vinten Vision 100 with Fibertech legs and an old beat up O'Connor 1030 which still works perfectly. What interested me about the Vinten setup was actually the legs for stability (shame Vitec lost their supplier, because I think those legs were indeed revolutionary), however that Vision 100 is a darn good head and feels very close to the O'Connor and balances much more quickly and easily. However, it has a more limited payload range.

Now to my point. The O'Connor sideload assembly. Fantastic. Exactly what's needed. Sideload is very helpful when getting into bigger configs.

HOWEVER, the price is more than ridiculous. Absolutely no reason why that QR assembly should cost $1000. Personally, I think it's shameful and without justification except for the O'Connor name on it. Mr. Steve Turner are you hearing me?

The integrated dovetail/plate idea of Sachtler is extremely useful, especially for a long piece like the Sachtler 165 which I cannot for the life of me figure out why is for DSLR's when it is far more useful for larger setups/rigs. I sanded down the DSLR ridge and now use it with a Cooke 20-100 and a Sony F3.
Very useful with shifting rig lengths and accessories.

In my opinion that "O'Connor" (we should really call it "Sachtler") QR assembly is a signature piece which should be made readily available across the whole spectrum of products. I could use this on my Vinten, the O'Connor or even my shoulder pad assembly. Personally, I think Vitec should make a ton of them and lower the price. The reason why they made them to begin with is that some pro DP's requested them, because they wanted the functionality of their Sachtlers on the O'Connors.

In the end though, at $1000 for what should probably cost $150, guess what I will end up doing like a lot of folks? I will either buy a bunch of Manfrotto QR assemblies for about $50 a pop with the caveat of a sliding entrance or better yet, I will buy the only other QR side-load assembly on the market. From the competitor, Cartoni - the A 920 or A 921 and change out all the plates. No more Sachtler/Manfrotto QR. Cost for the A921?

$120 for the whole assembly plus plate.

Fruit for thought.
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Re: O'Connor 1030D Arrived!

Mr. Burkhart...well, thank you for your input.

I'm using the Manfrotto QR attached to the O'Connor Side-Load Camera Plate that is attached to the O'Connor Side-Load QR Platform Assembly. I have my Sachtler Side-Load Plate attached to my PMW-200. It's a little 'fiddly', but it works. This configuration allows me a relatively quick swapping of my camera to from the O'Connor 1030D to my Sachtler FSB-8.

An additional benefit of this set-up is it adds a little more weight and raises the CoG Height of the camera. For the record, I have had no issues with adjusting the Counter-Balance of the camera without this additional hardware. It simply offers me the option of using both Fluid Head/Tripod combinations without having to change out the Camera Mounting Plate.

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Re: O'Connor 1030D Arrived!

Originally Posted by Clayton Burkhart View Post
a Vinten with Fibertech legs......... What interested me about the Vinten setup was actually the legs for stability (shame Vitec lost their supplier, because I think those legs were indeed revolutionary)
I seem to have missed this post last month. Swerving somewhat off subject as the word "FiberTec" was mentioned, my two cents worth.

The FiberTec's were, indeed, revolutionary. I think I bought the very last set ever sold - or very close to, anyway.

The story I got from Peter Harman, the then Product Manager at Vinten, was that they were killed off because it was costing Vinten as much to manufacture them as they could sell them for in the market that at that time existed.

My personal belief is that in light of the stratospheric rise in HD (the starting gun being fired about a year prior to the FiberTec's getting axed) and now UHD production, the decision to kill the FiberTec's off was perhaps a tad ill considered, with producers of such material having had something of an epiphany in regard to the matter of camera support subsequent to their axing.

As evidence for said epiphany, let me use the "I've just spent $5000 on a new HD camera, what sticks and head can I get for under $200?" posts that were thicker than rabbits on a NZ sheep farm 5 years ago, in this very Forum. They may not be extinct but they're sure as hell highly endangered!

For exhibit two may I point out that this fascinating discussion with regard to the OConnor 1030D was simply unthinkable back then, certainly here on DVinfo.

In light of this radical shift in mindset and understanding with regard to rigid camera support, I'm hoping Vinten will rethink the FiberTec's status.

Sticking with top end support, HD/ UHD and rethinks for a moment, a small vignette.

My Fibertecs, spreader, case & head, all up, set me back a tad over NZ$7k. My Canon XH A1 and bits almost exactly the same. Imagine my though processes as I observed my $7,000 camera on my $7,000 support wobbling 5 degrees left & right off the vertical in a howling 30+ knot gale because those two exceedingly expensive systems are/ were only joined together by one poxxy 1/4" X 20, 60%, centre line, 10 cent screw.

It is somewhat ironic that the discussions on camera support have got to where we are today and yet, the primary link between support and camera is still a hangover from the war, and I refer not to IRAQ, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, the Second WW or even the First WW, but the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR!

You simply couldn't make this stuff up!

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