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Shooting non-repeatable events: weddings, recitals, plays, performances...

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Re: back to back weddings

Sanho 320GB HyperDrive COLORSPACE UDMA Multimedia SHDCSUDMA320

copy your data across as you can during the evening + 1 on the way home and 1 over night - by the morning all cards should be free to use and you can leave the colorspace to dump to a hard drive - by lunch you should be ready to go.

beware - by day 4 I suspect you won't know your arse from your elbow and you'll miss a card or something - you need a routine where your 2nd shooter checks what you do in regard to backing up - it may seem silly on day 1 but on day 5 it will save your bacon.
Cheers - Paul M. :
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Re: back to back weddings

This would be great if you could preview the videos.
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Re: back to back weddings

After a lot of thought I have decided to buy another set of memory cards.

The max I can possibly go through on one shoot is 7 16GB SD cards and I also need to supply me second shooter with 7, I also already own 7.

So my plan is that I buy 21 16GB SD Cards I take 14 to the first wedding, when I arrive home after the shoot I will give the 14 memory cards to my wife who and take another 14 for the next days shoot. She will then copy the first set of 14 onto my Mac throughout the day while I am shooting. This means when I come home the next day we can repeat the process. It's going to cost around 340 but no hassle.
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Re: back to back weddings

Cool Tarig, (or is it Peter :) that's even better than trying to rent some. I assume your wife knows how to check each d/load .. but by the fourth day
she could become relaxed and complacent and you end up in strife.

I'd write out a complete step by step checking procedure, and ask her to follow it carefully before you get to quickly check it then reformat the cards.

Post editing is another project altogether, again I'd write down a list of the names of each weddings bride and groom and relatives and leave it by the phone, so you don't mix them up if they ring to ask how the editing is going.

Do it by numbers, like airline pilots do .. sounds boring but double or triple checking by numbers works, they rarely screw up.

30+ years with our own audio and visual production company and studios.
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Re: back to back weddings

Thanks that is something that I will most diffenatley do. The next issue is batteries as I need to buy his and mine. I use Hannel ones at the moment with a third party battery grip and the battery life meter goes from two bars to red empty in a matter of seconds. Would that be the battery grip that is faulty or the batteries? It never stays on two bar, it either displays a full battery or one that is just about to die.
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Re: back to back weddings

That will most likely be your batteries. 3rd party ones rarely hold as much as the official ones. Even if they quote a higher capacity. Also they lack the chip the cameras use to monitor battery levels so they show all is well and then BAM! Battery goes red and dead. For that reason we went all official canon last year.

The only advice I can give you with that many back to backs is be careful. Late at night your tired, wanting to goto bed to be up for the following day and you rush copy all the data off so you can get some kip. You then end up overwriting something or missing something or not verifying your data like you would if you had the day to do it.

You could copy and charge during the day. Thats what we did when we used to do back to backs. So all you have to do at the end of the day is copy the last card you used and then get some much needed sleep.
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Re: back to back weddings

The Lexar card reader mentioned earlier is very fast, but keep in mind folks that it cannot transfer faster than the card is capable of. My expensive, fast cards transfer much faster than the cheaper slower ones. Formerly with USB 2.0 reader they were all about the same. The bottleneck has switched for me from being the reader to the card. All in all, the Lexar USB 3.0 reader is worth every penny and then some.
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Re: back to back weddings

Originally Posted by Tariq Peter View Post
My main issue is the memory cards of which I have 7x32gb Class 10 Transcend. What is the quickest and most effective way for me to get the data off my memory cards and onto my computer overnight so I can format reuse them the next day?

Do not reuse the cards until you have had a chance to begin working on the projects and confirm that you have indeed transferred all the material, backed it up to a third location, and there aren't any problems. Until then, set the cards aside.
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Re: back to back weddings

Sorry for resurrecting dead threads and spamming the forum a bit. I find all this stuff fascinating, and I've never had much chance to talk shop with wedding videographers in my area, so that's why I'm so loquacious now.

I've only ever gone for two days back to back, and only been put in that situation a handful of times. I'll be faced with three days back to back in a month's time. Cards and batteries were a huge worry in the past. For cost reasons, had to reuse. My solution was a gear-based one; but it wouldn't work for the OP, if he didn't already have the needed kit. Sleep was also a big worry.

Card solution: use a Nexto drive. Someone earlier suggested a laptop, which amounts to the same thing. Back it all up while you're at reception. When you get home, set it copying to your computer, and go to sleep. When you wake up, verify all the data against the cards, then set your backup copy going to another drive before you leave the house.

Batteries: electrically-minded friend rigged up a powerboard in the car, and I madly wrangled chargers here every chance I could get, as well as attached battery chargers everywhere I went. Walk into the bride's house -- looked for a power point. Walked into the church -- looked for a power point. I'm glad I have enough batteries now that I'm spared that sort of madness, though I still routinely have 6 chargers going at the reception.

For Canon batteries, the Pearstone charger can be powered from the cigarette lighter. But there are many similar options... Another fallback piece of kit I had with me was a large Tekkeon battery that could be used with a dummy battery to power a 5dMkII all day. So, if worst came to worst... Though it never did.

Also a bit helpful to know that it becomes harder to charge a battery the fuller it's charged -- it becomes slower -- so if the battery is at 90% plus, it's more time efficient to yank it and put something else on that's more in need.
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