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Don Rumsey July 15th, 2012 08:39 PM

Anyone film a Lutheran Pastor Ordination?
As the title says. i've been approached to film one in a couple of weeks. We've done many weddings and some Bar Mitzvahs..but not this. I've been looking at some on Youtube and it looks to be the same ceremony for everyone. It may just depend on how many priests gaining Ordination. I don't have any specific questions. Just looking for any insight on the matter from anyone that has filmed one. Possibly anyone that has filmed one and actually put it into a cinematic format, such as the weddings that I see around here.

Roger Van Duyn July 16th, 2012 07:41 AM

Re: Anyone film a Lutheran Pastor Ordination?
I've done a lot of work for a Diocese in another denomination. Covering an ordination is essentially the same as covering a corporate event, like a seminar or conference.

Trust me on this. The client absolutely will not want a cinematic treatment, like a cinematic style wedding.

What they will want is for the audio to be clear, and thorough, multi-camera coverage of the event. You will need medium and tight shots of the speakers, and wide shots of the audience (congregation). Usually the audio is much more important than the visual aspect.

Here's a link to a similar event where I was part of the crew. The director in the control room was actually a priest who had worked as a director prior to attending seminary. We were blessed to have someone like him calling the shots. Six camera operators and even more of us working in the control room. As you can see, production budget was pretty big:

While the above event had a special emphasis on the choirs. There were even composers commissioned for the event, most times it's speeches and sermons, plus following the liturgy. From what I know of the Lutheran Church, and it's not a whole lot, covering the liturgy of an ordination will be very important. We sometimes leave a lot of the liturgy out when doing a church wedding, especially a "cinematic wedding." An ordination is an entirely different critter to skin.

I also covered speeches and receptions for the above held away from the main event. Here's a link to an excerpt from another church convention for the same client :
I've done a number of these types of events for non-profit organizations. Doing work for an NPO is like doing event work for any for profit corporate client. They want accurate coverage of "who said what" for documentation purposes etc. Some events put on by a non-profit also have sponsors, and their wishes need to be taken into account. NPOs treasure their sponsors. Sometimes, there is also a form of "organizational politics" and you need to tread carefully. They want thorough documentation. Not everything is likely to be viewed by anyone, but they want an accurate record for "just in case." It's pretty much standard event videography, where standard means tailored to the client, not cookie cutter.

Finally, get to know your client and what they want, even if they don't know what they want, you need to try to figure it out. Put yourself in the client's shoes.

Chris Hurd July 16th, 2012 08:13 AM

Re: Anyone film a Lutheran Pastor Ordination?
Moved from TCB to Event Video.

Don Rumsey July 17th, 2012 08:10 PM

Re: Anyone film a Lutheran Pastor Ordination?
Sorry about posting in the wrong area. I don't make many posts,or ask many questions. The search feature is always your best friend.


Thank you Roger for the great info and the examples. I can really see your points on wanting it filmed straight up, no frills, for the documentation or the chronicle of the event. Makes a lot of sense. We've yet to physically meet up with the church and discuss the details of the deal. So I will use this info when I go in.

Roger Van Duyn July 18th, 2012 08:38 AM

Re: Anyone film a Lutheran Pastor Ordination?
Hey Don,

Be ready for just about anything. Visit the venue ahead of time. Try to find out how BIG the event will be, crowd size, etc. Get to know any sound guys, guys in the booth etc. Get the order of service. Allow plenty of time to set up.

Sometimes the organizers don't understand copyright issues for music being used in the service. But sometimes they do, and even have media people on staff, attorneys on retainer etc. that know the IP issues helping out behind the scenes. This is especially true if the church is broadcasting a weekly show.

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