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E. R. Puig April 29th, 2006 12:08 PM

Suggestions / Help with Video project .. Sony HC-3
I would like some help/advice with video project

Will be using Sony HC-3 to capture video during waterfowl hunting activities in Argentina (Magellan Goose hunting and other waterfowl hunting activities) coming up in early June (early to midwinter in that part of the world).

Have HC-3's and TRV DV Sony Camera also

Obviously this is for personal non pro purpose, but am trying to get best end video and audio product I can within a reasonable personal budget.

Plan to use one HC-3 with a 'hat mount' ... prefocused prezoomed and preset for the 'hunter - shooter's eye view' of hunting activities (actually shooting with 12 gauge shotgun, as well as other activities such as conversations with the guides and adjacent blind shooting partner, or dog retrieve activities, geese coming into the decoys etc..).

Other cameras will be on tripods with helpers and wider angle views of the activity, backgrounds etc.

I made a mount sort of like a skydiver's camera with hardhat... for that part of the filming, thus the need for a light camera like the HC-3. I will shoot in HDV mode and let the camera run continously, as tape is cheap. Increasing the odds of catching decent footage and still be able to participate in the hunting process, without having to worry about starting and stopping the camera. I figure some camera motion will be present but, since one's head is fairly stable, with careful technique I will be able to obtain video of what 'the hunter-shooter' is focusing on. Even if it is a small percentage of the total capture, it will give me a different perspective to show others than the usual. Bring plenty of tape and batteries.

My main question is on the Sound capture :

1. With the limitations of the AIS shoe on the HC-3 and the LOUD muzzle blast of the shotgun (30" away from the camera on head mount to the tip of the shotgun (firearm..) being used to hunt, I am worried about damaging the on camera mic on the HC-3. Have not tested this for that reason. Also, the obvious, I want to capture good sound.

I have thought about covering the mic versus using AIS mount mic's to fully disengage the on camera microphone.

I would like to capture the shotgun(firearm) sound, as well as conversations between hunters and guides during the idle and active times when geese come into the decoys and actual firing/shooting at them takes place.

Suggestions? as to the type of Microphone to buy (I know Sony has some AIS shoe mic's that are cardioid, shotgun, variable field, wireless bluetooth, stereo or surround etc..?

versus using the On Camera microphone? muffling sound with some material since i have no way to control the loudness being recorded otherwise.

Any other suggestions or technique help would be appreciated.

I am aware that there are available, very small ccd type cameras that can be attached to the barrel of a shotgun or to a hunter's visor cap which connect via cable or wirelessly to a deck or other camera to capture the video, and have tested 2 of these, but have not been pleased with the quality or performance.

Thus the attempt to do this with HDV capable camera that is small enough to allow use as I have outlined.

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