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Jason Bowers July 3rd, 2006 12:35 PM

For anyone using the Magiqcam
What are your experiences using this unit, and is it comparable to the glidecam smooth shooter or better. I am looking at the series II and series I. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Joe Allen Rosenberger July 3rd, 2006 01:48 PM


Do some searches on Magiqcam within DVI first......I think this company has changed hands recently but they have had some serious issues with customer support. I have heard mainly negative things about the company itself.....ie. they do not answer emails, phone calls. Maybe this has changed since last I heard which was months ago. DO your research on them first......if you decide to go w/ maigiqcam, ask current customers how is the customer service, etc, etc.

Jason Bowers July 3rd, 2006 03:25 PM

Hi Joe,
I am looking at purchasing a used one on ebay. I was more wondering how the unit operated as I am in Canada and customer service will more than likely be a dead issue. However, I am looking at buying a new Shooth Shooter to go with my glidecam 4000 and was wondering what the basic operation and learning curve of both would be like.

Patrick Moreau July 3rd, 2006 04:36 PM

Hi Jason,

I shoot with the Magiqcam on either a VX2100 or FX1. I really really like the way it handles. I prefer it much better than either a glidecam 2000 or a homemade glidecam w/ monopod stabilizer. I currently shoot the preps, sometimes portions of the ceremony, introductions, first dance, photo-session, and dancing footage at the end of the night all with the Magiqcam. Overall, I find it makes for much better raw footage, if you offer that, as well as great highlights or montage type material. The size and look of it has not been a drawback whatsoever, I have yet to get any negative feedback and we go over this with every couple prior to the wedding and do a post-wedidng follow-up with some basic questions.

As for the learning curve, if you enjoy video and have glidecam experience, I think it will be quite fast. I was very happy with how the footage came out on my first wedding using it and that was with about a month of having it around, and probably 6-7 hours of going for walks with it and what not. After that initial wedding, I do think the footage has gotten much better and I can now do a lot more with it, but I would hate to go back to a glidecam or shoulder support or tripod.

There are two negative points worth mentioning. The first is the customer service which Joe already mentioned. I have a part that I am concerned will need to be replaced in the future and I can't get any response to have it repaired. Secondly, like any camera stabilization device, it won't do everything. It can get really creative stuff, it is great for longer shoots where the subjects are moving around and you can get tripod like steadiness with rather little experience. I still really miss the fisheye shots from a monopod and to take the unit off and grab another camera is a good 2 minutes of down time.

If your looking at getting one and you do multi-camera weddings, I find it really helps to keep one cam on it all the time, perfectly balanced. That way you can be up and running in under a minute and you can also switch to a tripod cam or monopod cam in a minute as well.

Your welcom to contact me directly if you have any other questions. If Thunder Bay wasn't so far away I would invite you down to come and shoot a wedding with us and use the Magiqcam. If you want to send me an email with what the price is you found on ebay, I may be able to help you find one as well.


P.S. I just checked out the ebay auction and, assuming it is the same one since there aren't many, I would be sure to ask the seller if it is in pefect operational condition. He makes not clai mthat is working pefect but states several times that there is no guarantee, that it is sold as-is and so on.

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