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Roger Shealy May 24th, 2008 08:44 PM

Embarrassing "Lost Screen" question

This one hurts to ask, but I'm stuck. I was making color corrections in Vegas Pro 8 using the "Event FX" button and choose a few plug-ins and was making some color adjustments when I accidently drug the plug in screen off the bottom of the screen and I can't figure out how to get it back. When I press the "Event FX" Button on a clip, the screen doesn't change.

I've already:

- Minimized the Vegas screen to see if the plug-in screen was behind.
- Selected the default Vegas windows view
- Closed and reopened Vegas
- Hit "Alt 1 - 10" to turn on all the different screen views.
- Pulled the edges of the Vegas screen in on all sides to see if it was hiding back there.

Silly, but I can't figure this one out and can't use any plug-in until I do. Anybody know the way out of this maze?

Ike Tamigian May 24th, 2008 09:04 PM

Try hitting the "Default All" in the Display preferences.

Mike Kujbida May 24th, 2008 09:06 PM

If you can do it, resize your screen larger than it currently is.
This way, you should be able to see if the window is hiding somewhere.
Get the FX window back to where it's supposed to be and change your screen size back to normal.

Edward Troxel May 24th, 2008 09:17 PM

I typically recommend what Mike said - change the screen resolution.

Some people have said it hides behind the start bar so you might try minimizing that and see if it's there before changing screen resolutions. One way or the other, this should get it back for you.

Tim Ducharme May 24th, 2008 09:22 PM

Behind your Taskbar / Start Menu
Hi, Roger
I recreated your situation.

What I think has happened is that your Video Event FX window is now hidden behind your Taskbar and Start Menu.

The solution is to put your cursor on the top edge of your Taskbar / Start Menu. When you see the double arrow click and drag down to minimize your Taskbar / Start Menu. You should then see the top bar of your Video Event FX window and you will be able to click and drag it back into your workspace. Once you have found and moved the Video Event FX window you can go back and re-size your Taskbar / Start Menu at the bottom of your screen.

I hope this helps.

Roger Shealy May 25th, 2008 06:36 AM

Ike, Mike, Ed, and Tim;

You guys are the best. I figured my video career was over, I'd never be able to edit again! My son was making fun of me imitating the "I've fallen and I can't get up" emergency necklace commercial saying "I've lost my screen and I can't find it....".

For future reference, I was unable to minimize the start menu since it was minimized and I couldn't make the screen bigger because it was already maxxed out. I was, however, able to move the start menu over to the right side of the screen (after "unlocking" it); which allowed me to see the top edge of the FX screen.

Thanks again!

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