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Ervin Farkas June 19th, 2007 03:13 PM

Vegas for HDV to SD MPEG2
Hello from Premiere Country - I am pretty much sold to the Adobe Suite but there is something I would like to test in Vegas. I can get access to a PC running Vegas 6.

I am playing around with HDV lately and as you probably all know, the SD MPEG2/DVD export from PremPro is poor. So I was doing the resizing in VirtualDub either by frame serving uncompressed to TMPGEnc or using HuffYUV as intermediate - pretty labor intensive and time consuming process. I am wondering wether I could do the M2T to standard def MPEG2 conversion in Vegas and use the resulting files to finalize my projects in Encore DVD.

Is this possible at all? I know Vegas 6 is not the lates version, but I suppose it's new enough to work with HDV files - at this point I am not interested in CineForm, I'm happy with my workflow in PremPro 2.0. And second, does Vegas 6 handle the MPEG2 conversion at all? If yes - and someone has experience with my present workflow, how does it compare to the quality of the Vegas compression?

As mentioned above, I dunno notin' 'bout Vegas so please go easy on me...


Bill Watson June 19th, 2007 04:27 PM

Vegas 6 will do the conversion ok but if you want to do any trimmer work it's pretty clunky.

Seth Bloombaum June 19th, 2007 04:27 PM

Most Vegas installs will have DVD Architect, so, Vegas will have access to the excellent Main Concept MPEG2 encoder that is bundled and integrated.

Vegas 6 is fine for what you want to do.

Encoding in Vegas rather than DVDA gives more controls of the encoder, including datarates & etc.

The resolution downconvert can be done in the same pass as the MPEG2 encode, I recommend selecting "Best" video rendering quality in the custom render settings. ("Good" is fine for all encodes without rez conversions.)

If I were doing it, I would start with:
Save as type: Main Concept MPEG2
Template: DVD Architect NTSC widescreen video stream
On the "custom" dialog:
Video Rendering Quality: Best
VBR Max: 8,000,000
VBR Avg: 6,000,000
VBR Min: 4,000,000

Then, a separate render of audio:
Save as type: Dolby Digital AC-3
Template: Default Template
on the "custom" dialog:
Dialog Normalization: -31db
Line mode profile: none
RF mode profile: none

See these threads for more info on AC3 encoding:

See Edward Troxel's excellent newsletters for general MPEG2 encoding info:

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