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Your VX2000, PD150 & DSR250 Info Center

April 4th: Dan Ballmer's PD150 review added; an examination of PD150 audio performance from Jon Tatoole of Sound Devices; Resources and Tips sections updated. Coming soon: a list of feature films, both studio and independant, shot with this amazing camera family.

Previously: Link added in the navigation bar to the DVinfoNet Community message boards; Resources section updated with a link to an off-site VX2000 Memory Stick gallery; Tips section updated with important info from R. Geoff Baker, regarding the PD150 manual aperture setting and how to use it properly; Resources section updated with links to Sony owner's manuals; John Lubran from Moving Vision (based in the UK) presents the Anartctica DV150 protective jacket for the Sony PD150, and Bob Stevers shows how to utilize the memory stick for portable color bars in the field. Sharing the same CCD block and many other features with the VX2000 and PD150, Sony's DSR250 "big brother" is gaining popularity among videographers. Here's Bill Pryor's extensive DSR250 review.

Welcome to the VX2000 & PD150 Companion, an unofficial underground online information resource for Sony's amazing VX2000 and PD150 digital video camcorders. I hope you find it useful, whether you already own or are planning to buy either camera.

Each section of the Companion has at least some content to get you started. Like my other project, the Companion's sister site The XL1 Watchdog, the pages you'll read here are primarily acquired through the generous contributions of other videographers. Therefore it takes a bit time to accumulate this material, but once momentum builds, the wealth of information tends to propagate nicely. So, after you've gone through what's here, be sure to check in later for future updates!

Quick Guide to What's Inside

The Skinny 1 page
Will grow to include introductions to the VX2000 and PD150; how they differ, concise description of certain issues, brief summations of each.

Community more than 900 members
Read, register, and post: interact with fellow VX2000, PD150 & DSR250 shooters in the VX2000 Companion area of the DVInfo.Net Community message boards.

Reports 8 pages Updated!
Detailed VX2000 and PD150 evaluations from a wide variety of viewpoints. Not all of them are favorable. Several compare the VX2000 and PD150 with other camcorders.

Articles 3 pages
Will grow to include all kinds of topics ranging from workarounds, "do it yourself" projects, accessory reviews, and more.

Images 1 page
The VX2000 and PD150 in real-world settings, plus actual user-submitted frame grabs show you what the image looks like.

Audio 1 page
Actual user submitted sound files which you can download and listen to yourself for personal evaluation.

User Tips 1 page Updated!
Stuff you won't find in the manual. Hints gleaned from savvy shooters will make life easier... get more enjoyment out of your investment.

Resources 3 pages Updated!
Links to other VX2000 and PD150 websites, several important sources for DV information, owners websites and much more.

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