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Chris Hurd October 2nd, 2008 09:32 PM

56" 3D HDTV from Philips
Excerpt (from Wired):

"Yesterday, Philips unveiled the first Quad Full Autosteroscopic 3D HD TV (see pic below) at a 3D event in Hollywood, after years of development. Quad Full TVs push through data at such a fast rate that they increase a display’s screen resolution to a truly sick 3840x2160 (or 8.29 million pixels), four times the number of pixels of the highest HDTV standard."

Link: Philips' 3D HDTV Might Destroy Space-Time Continuum, Wallets | Gadget Lab from Wired.com

Mike Louie October 10th, 2008 05:31 PM

s3d file format

Is there some place to get information on this (S3D) file format? I see a depth map on the right upper quadrant. Glancing through the Autodesk whitepaper (from another link) there's mentino of 3D live-action filmming, but I didn't seen anything on what might be availble to pull a depth map from existing stereo images (left and right views).

Also they seem to not care about the 3D window being a window - so objects fly off the screen into the theater and you get to cross you eyes and try to find where it is.

By the way, the bowing ootage doesn't look to me like the depth map was recorded when the image pieces were recorded, so did they just guess and fake the deth, maybe exagerate some object deth? Bad compositing too. I don't know, if this is the state of the art or worse, the future quality of 3D live action.. we're going backwards.. fake depth.. look at some of the boxer depth map his whole body is slightly a concentric grade for depth including at one point (about 28 seconds into it) his right glove being equal in depth to his chest while the other glove is sticking out with it's own concentric depth centered on the backside of the glove that would not be the foremost point. Geesh, I guess it's fast for a quick effect, but if that's S3D, then it's a cheap trick, not real 3D.

Granted, for computer generated images they can easily keep the zplane information and use that, but for live action, I'm not liking what i"m seeing so far. I hope to find more information on how the traditional real stereoscopic images can be viewed.

Off hand, does anyone know if these displays use more than two "eyes"? Are they generating what would be the equivalent of the Nimslo type lenticular image - so they have more than just two views they display? If so, then the need for a depth map and processing power makes sense, but even with the existing two views they could support the two views with some generated in between images.. maybe that's too much crunching right now, but if it's part of the specs then in the futre it would make for interesting viewing of hose old movies that already exist.

I think I tend to like the idea of lenticular veritcally interleaved stereo images for a video display.

So the question is where can I get more informaiton on existing 3D movies/videos output using S3D?

Thanks, Mike

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