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Ed Smith May 17th, 2002 10:55 AM

3D cinema
I visited an IMAX 3D cinema in London, and was totally amazed by the quality of the footage and how it made me feel as though I was there.

If any one can get to see the new movie 'Space Station' at one of these cinemas I would highly recommend it. One scene I was amazed by was when the rocket launched off, and the dirt from the blast flow towards the camera and it was as if it smashed into your face. If only all cinemas were like this!!!

Apparently each IMAX camera can only take 3 minutes worth of footage before the camera needs to be re-loaded (and that takes 30 minutes), just think of the planning involved when creating a 3D movie?

All the best,

Ed Smith

Ken Tanaka May 18th, 2002 12:09 AM

I agree that IMAX can be a pretty remarkable experience. We've been fortunate in having 2 IMAX theaters here in Chicago for several years. The sheer size of the film and of the projection operation (which one of the theaters showcases) is a marvel. Each frame looks almost as large as an 8x10 photo and there are three simultaneous projections. At the first IMAX feature I saw, titled "Flying", I think, much of the footage was taken from a camera mounted on a biplane flying through the Grand Canyon. Several people in the audience actually became woozy; I even had to close my eyes a couple of times to stabilize my senses.

Alas, however, IMAX has had some very difficult financial times and seems to teeter on the brink of extinction whenever I come across them in financial news. Expensive productions, limited distribution venues, limited material, etc. In many respects they remind me of the old (3-projector) Cinerama format, which was the IMAX of the 1960's. It produced a few really remarkable films (ex: How the West Was Won) which blew audiences away. But it suffered from exactly the same niche-ness as IMAX.

Ed Smith May 18th, 2002 02:17 PM

Thanks for your input Ken,

It would be sad to see such a great format and idea become extinct, but I hope this will not come of IMAX, for I had such a wonderful experience I am sure I would go again.

If only AOL Time Warner, Columbia Tristar and all the other mainstream distributors and producers would take on such a format, then it would be sure to succeed. Then again it could loose its niche market, which makes it what it is.

Anyone else care to share any experiences or thoughts about 3D cinema?

All the best, from this side of the pond,

Ed Smith

Peter Higginbottom May 20th, 2002 05:21 PM

there used to be an imax type cinema at a theme park in Yorkshire and the film was projected inside a dome.....they made you sit on the floor. and if you stood at the back holding on the stand of the projector and looked at the back of the audience. you could see why they made you sit on the floor. everybody was swaying with the movement of the film when showing going down a rollercoaster, view from cockpit of jetfighter etc. wobbly legs all round when you came out........

Best Wishes

Peter Lee

Ken Tanaka May 20th, 2002 08:23 PM

Ha! That's hilarious! Here in Chicago the IMAX theaters have sky-show-style seating. That is, the seats are somewhat like reclining office chairs with headrests. You're sitting at approximately a 60 deg. upright angle.

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