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Tim Dashwood April 24th, 2010 07:54 PM

Avatar Blu-Ray 3D not being released until 2011
I have been anticipating that Avatar would be the vehicle used to launch Blu-Ray 3D and the new breed of HDMI 1.4 3DTVs this year but unfortunately Fox didn't agree and we will have to wait until next year to watch Avatar in 3D at home.

The blu-ray/DVD version that was released this week is 2D. It will be released again later this year in a "special edition" format with extras, but still 2D. In 2011 it will finally be released on Blu-Ray 3D.

I think I will wait until the 3D release next year before buying it.

Adam Stanislav April 24th, 2010 10:49 PM

Yes, they are trying to make more money by selling in three times. I will wait, too.

Steve Shovlar April 25th, 2010 03:04 AM

Sounds all very similar to the LOTR trilogy. Fans have been waiting ages for the BR release, only for the studio to release the bog standard theatrical version. They have announced they will release the extended BR release later this year or early next. Then, after that, They will be doing a 3D version ( which will probably be theatrical 3D followed by extended. This isn't double dipping, this is taking it to a whole new level!

Guess once the 3D tvs are release studios will be ploughing through their back catalogues pulling out films which would look interesting in 3D. Expect Star Wars to get the full treatment.

Bill Koehler April 25th, 2010 05:10 AM

Or, to be more charitable, they are waiting until there are more 3D TV owners to sell 3D product to.

Pavel Houda April 25th, 2010 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by Tim Dashwood (Post 1519012)
...I think I will wait until the 3D release next year before buying it.

Yes, I will have to wait for the 3D version as well. It would be like drinking flat Coke right after excellent Champagne, to watch it in 2D now.

Adam Stanislav April 25th, 2010 03:08 PM

Alas, I have only seen it in 2D (our local theaters refuse to go to the expense of installing 3D projection equipment), so I am impatiently waiting for the champagne. Meanwhile, I will rent the 2D version from Netflix (they never rent out 3D versions either because they do not want to deal with customers calling them about 3D glasses).

But I will not buy it until it is out on 3D BD. Meanwhile, having only seen it in 2D, I have to say it was a great movie even in 2D, so I would not quite agree with the flat Coke analogy. :)

Pavel Houda April 25th, 2010 05:56 PM

I have to admit that I only liked the 3D, colors and special effects of the movie.

Jack Zhang April 27th, 2010 02:59 AM

The bitrate on the 2D version just can't be beat. With the bitrate (minus the credits and title sequences) never dipping below 25mbps and the peaking bitrate holding steady at 40mbps, this is the 4:2:0 equivalent of 50mbps HD422 or AVC-I 100mbps.

The 3D Blu-ray spec must max out in the 2x speed of BD (72mbps) for it to look better than the 2D version of Avatar, and we don't know the limit of the "Stereo High" profile yet.

Pavel Houda May 1st, 2010 11:19 AM

At least there is a trailer (in German, but no problem here) on YouTube. I downloaded it and played on my 73" DLP. It looks good even though the bandwidth is greatly decimated. This will look awesome at full bandwidth 3d! It can be seen here: YouTube - Avatar 3D Trailer HD Genuine 3d Not a conversion . Also English version is here: http://www.filefactory.com/file/b168...er_English.mp4 .

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