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Bruce Schultz November 11th, 2010 04:58 PM

Affordable 3D monitor
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I've been reading various threads about the unavailability of an affordable, compact, full color 3D monitor so I'm posting a link to the one I've been using since January of this year.

3D MONITORS (click here)

It's half the price of the Transvideo unit, but slightly larger and bulkier at 11"H x 11"W x 9" D. It uses two LCD screens with a 45 deg. mirror and is linear polarized. It displays 3D in full color, and has flip/flop utility.

I have it mounted on a T-bar on a C-Stand with a Leader 5750 Waveform/Vectorscope next to it. It has DVI and Component inputs, so I use a pair of AJA HDP2 SDI>DVI to drive it from my mirror rig and Panasonic 3DA1. I've also velcro attached a Black Magic 3D Displayport converter and use the AJA SDI loop throughs to send an HDMI signal to a 46" Samsung 3D HDTV and the muxed SDI to the Leader for exposure monitoring of both L/R signals on one screen. And, with full color it kicks the hell out of anaglyph solutions - especially for client viewing. It can also run on AC or 12v - I power it along with the AJA converters and B-M 3D with a Anton Bauer D-tap on the back of the Leader's A/B plate, so the whole rig runs off one power source - either A/C mains or A/Bauer battery.

It is manufactured in Korea and there are no schematics or much documentation at all with it, but it has worked flawlessly for nearly a year in the field for me.

It doesn't have any grid or neg/positive settings for alignment, but without linear glasses on it displays full color superimposed double images that can be used for camera alignment.

For under $5K it's the best, and only thing around for simple effective full color field monitoring.

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