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Owen Hughes March 8th, 2005 12:53 PM

Hardcase XL2
Anybody have any suggestions about getting a hardcase for the XL2. The canon made box is about 400 in the UK and after buying the actual XL2 I am struggling to get those funds together. I have looked at all the pelicases and so on but nothing seems to be big enough to deal with the size of the XL2. I'm sure the camera would fit into a peli-case if I detached the lens, but I'd really like to avoid that where possible because of dust etc.

Can anybody suggest a suitable hardcase for my new baby please, I dont want her to get hurt.


Matt Bauer March 8th, 2005 06:56 PM

I just received my new cases plus xl2 case from zotz digital in Oregon. hey have some decent pictures of it on their website. I've had the case for only a couple days now but here are my thoughts. First, this case will protect your camera bar none. I have no concerns about checking this thing at the airport and letting the baggage handlers have at it. It also has a nice gasket which makes it water tight. There are six latches that seal it shut nicely. It comes with solid wheels (I dragged it through some pretty nasty stuff yesterday) and a retractable handle. There are also handles on every side.

On the inside, you're camera will fit nicely and snug. This is actually a problem for me. I use the battery pack adapter plate on the XL2 and the case doesn't allow for it. I'm planning to build up a custom adapter since I just need it to hold my Sennheiser wireless mics. There is a cut out for your 3x lens, shotgun mic and a very large cut out for all the rest. I'm planning to partition the large accessory compartment to better suit my gear. If you wanted, there is room to cut out one more large gear compartment.

Other than that, I'll just add that this case is big since it's designed for air and freight travel. Not so big that you can't use it everyday but don't plan to run with it like a portabrace. In all I would say this case is a lot like a pelican except that it fits your XL2 like a glove. Again my only gripe is that the battery adapter won't work with the case unless modified. I would not recommend using the Canon case as I've heard it just wood with some metal flashing on it.

Hope this helps,
Matt Bauer

Owen Hughes March 8th, 2005 07:54 PM


Thanks for the information. I have checked it out on Zotz and it certainly looks like a beauty. My only concern is being a UK resident 1) if they'll even ship to the UK 2) i will get taxed to death on such a heavy item. I have requested a quote off them and I'll see what comes of it.


Jon Omiatek March 9th, 2005 08:23 AM

Buy a Pelican Case with pick and pluck foam. Find a case that will fit your camera and the accessories you use on a daily basis.

I have a Pelican 1550 and 1620. They are great! The 1620 fits my GL2, PD170 and accessories. The case has rollers but my 1550 doesn't have rollers. The 1550 is much smaller.

These cases are warrantied for life. I don't know the website off hand. Do a search on google for pelican cases


Johan Manders March 9th, 2005 09:40 AM

I think Peli makes one of the strongest cases there are!
Some sites for UK:


Pete Bauer March 9th, 2005 10:53 AM

Hi Owen,

I've also been shopping for an XL2 case. I was originally going to get a hard case that would hold the XL2 and all the stuff that needs to go with it, for two purposes:

- carry-on for airline (I'll NEVER allow my high cost things to be checked baggage)
- grab-n-go

After doing some shopping at local stores, it became clear that I'd still have to take my shotgun mic off the camera for all but the most giant cases -- the camera with shotgun (I use an AT897 mounted in place of the stock mic) is just too large and unwieldy to put in anything smaller. No biggie. But even then, though, there is no way that the XL2 will fit in a carry-on hard case without being completely broken down. That would be ok for air travel, but a bother for grab-n-go (whether at home or on the road).

It LOOKS like the camera with mic removed (but everything else attached) and extra bits might just barely fit in something like a KATA-10, which is airline-legal. But I haven't been able to find one locally to try. I'll probably order one in the next few days to try out; I'll report back. I may or may not then just get a large hard case for local use.

In the meantime, here are a couple of previous discussions that might help out.



EDIT: I see in the first thread, David M. Geary said the Portabrace CTC-3 did the job as I describe above. Might be worth checking out as well.


Owen Hughes March 9th, 2005 11:38 AM

thanks a lot

The peli-1610 looks like the most promising one. I do like the look of this though. It is for the XL1 though, but I'm not sure if it'd fit the XL2. It is slightly annoying that i'd have to dismantal the whole camera, but at nearly half the price I think I'd be willing to live with that minor annoyance


Anyway, thanks for all your help.

Matt Bauer March 9th, 2005 05:55 PM

I just want to add to my previous post. The Cases Plus XL2 case can handle the dual battery pack. I missed a section of removal foam that can be removed.

If you decide to go with the pick and pluck foam you may want to pu your camera in a bag prior to placing in the case. The pick and pluck foam can become rather fine and get into your camera.

Pete (nice last name), I assume you don't like to check your gear because the baggage handles/TSA can open up your case. Otherwise there really isn't any difference between checking your bag and having an XL2 shipped to you via FedEx. Is this right?

Matt bauer

Owen Hughes March 10th, 2005 04:29 AM

Thanks all. I have been speaking to Brian from Zotz (one of the nicest retailers I've ever had the privilage of speaking to) by email and he says he could give it to me with shipping for $500 (about 260) which is the same price as the Pelicase 1610. I just need to clear it with the bank and I'll be getting one hopefully.

Thanks for all your advice and soon I'll own the new Cases Plus XL2


Pete Bauer March 10th, 2005 06:50 AM


Maybe we're shirt-tail relatives. I grew up in Northern MN, but 100 years ago both sides of my family were in the deep south (of MN). ;-)

You hit the nail on the head. It doesn't matter how much your stuff is worth. When your XL2 disappears between surrendering it as checked baggage and baggage claim at your destination, the airlines and TSA have so well protected themselves from liability that for all practical purposes, you're simply SOL. Then after your ruined trip, it is between you and your insurance company. I even make sure I have a clear path through the metal detector so I beat my camera bag to the other side of the xray machine. I simply will not allow my laptop, cameras, etc to be out of my personal possession when I travel.

If I thought that might happen on the airline, then my next best recourse would be to use a shipper such as FedEx, which I've actually never had to do (but then, I haven't traveled with the XL2 and all its goodies yet...still figuring that out!). At least they are pretty reliable, track your package, and provide for an appropriate level of shipping insurance.

Bill Zens March 12th, 2005 01:50 PM

I just bought my XL2 pkg yesterday from Zotz, (thanks to you all and this site), and shipping via the airlines is of primary concern to me. I travel more than 100,000 miles a year, and I agonize when sending even regular bags and clothes thru baggage check, especially as it only takes just once to lose or misplace luggage to really make a bad trip.

So, I bought the soft travel bag thru Zotz, and when travelling will keep the XL2 with me and pray my clothes make it to baggage claim. I just won't worry so much about them losing my socks.

Finally, some words of travel advice from a guy who's on a first name basis with the airlines.
If you're carrying a camera with you, they will not let you carry it on your lap, and it will probably not fit under your seat. Therefore, you will need to put it into the overhead storage bin. While we all love bulkhead seats for extra leg room, there is no floor space to put stuff. Therefore, overhead storage is at a premium there.
No matter where you sit, make an effort to get on the plane as soon as allowed. Nowadays, planes are packed full, and the overhead space usually fills up very fast. If you can't get your gear in the overhead, they will then take it and put it into checked luggage.
Most airlines usually seat the last rows first, and if I'm concerned about my carry on, I will actually get a seat towards the back of the bus, as you can almost always find overhead space then. (Hint: I always look "downstream" towards my seat. If the stew's have closed the overheads down there, they are full. I'll put carry on in the closest overhead before it fills up...)

I look forward to my XL2 coming in next week, and joining your posts in the future with questions and, perhaps, offering a bit of help.


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