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Robert Chandler March 25th, 2005 04:58 PM

DV Cam Offset
I am in the process of rigging a DV camera so that it handles like its heavier and more expensive Broadcast Cousins.

I've conquered most of the hurdles, but one bug-a-boo is giving me problems.

I'm trying to make the whole rig fit onto a shoulder brace. All is well there. But when on the brace, one has to cock his head severely to the right to see in the viewfinder. (Forget the foldout screen--in bright daylight its useless!)

Most broadcast cameras put the camera on the shoulder, and the viewfinder extends over to where the shooter's eye is. Not so on the DVs where the viewfinder lines up with the lens.

I've thought of making a u-shaped bracket that would attach to the brace and put the camera more in the shooter's eyeline. (I could even mount a tripod attachment on the bracket's bottom leg.)

Has anyone tackled this--adapting a shoulder brace so that one doesn't have to wrench his neck to look in the viewfinder??

Thanks for any help or lessons learned

Don Bloom March 25th, 2005 08:12 PM

In this case you might want to forget jerryrigging the brace and look at the DVrigPro which allows you to pretty much put the camera where you want it and still maintain control AND keep the weight from ruining perfectly good muscles. Take a look at thier site for pics and info. Check the posts here in this section of the forum as I think one that dicusses the product is right by this post.

Don B

Bob Pennington March 28th, 2005 11:19 AM

DV Camera Offset
The STASIS system from Anton/Bauer provides movement
front and back and left to right-- this allows the user to use the LCD or standard Viewfinder depending on user size, and the particular camera.

The STASIS allows users to power the camera and other full size accessories including lights, wireless receivers, hard disc recorders all from one battery.

The system also has 1/4" -20 mount on the bottom for usage on a tripod. The system collapses for strorage and transport. More info: http://www.antonbauer.com/stasis.htm

or: http://www.forrestermedia.com/news/anton-bauer.html

Robert Chandler March 28th, 2005 11:59 AM

We own a Stasis. I had some issues with it.

--The set screw that allows the right to left offset fell out and was lost by a photog.

--None of our photographers liked the bracket's feel on the shoulder. After about 10 minutes, that metal pipe began to get darned uncomfortable.

--It did't balance well on the tripod.

--We REALLY would like a place to attach a pistol grip on the front.

--It's hard to set the camera down for a time without laying it on its side..

I like the Stasis concept, but its ergonomics doesn't promise comfort for long term use--yet. It's a very solid and long-wearing unit.

I have not yet tried the DVRig Pro. It seems rather large for news use--we're looking for a small profile rig for running people in and out of courthouses, etc.. And it should slip onto and off of tripods quickly.

We'll look.

Robert Chandler
WAFB-TV News Operations

David A. Smith March 28th, 2005 08:06 PM

The solution for me, using a PDX10 and a simple shoulder brace, was simply to mount the camera slightly off axis, clockwise a few degrees in relation to the front/back axis of the brace when looking down on it. I can then hold the camera right in front of my eye. The brace just points a little to the left in front, but still sits nicely on my shoulder.

Robert Chandler March 29th, 2005 05:44 PM

I like it. There's a pin-aligned quick mount that might prevent that, but it sounds workable.

If you have a picture of your rig, I'd love to see it..

R Chandler
WAFB-TV News Operations

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