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Syeed Ali October 17th, 2011 05:25 AM

How to create a camera car?
I'll be filming lots of cars being driven on road and track.

At the moment I sit in the back of a Range Rover with a tripod whilst someone drives the car. It works well sometimes, but I'd like to get some similar shots lower down and/or also be able to drive the car myself or sit in the passenger seat and control the camera.

I was thinking of attaching a tow bar on the rear and attaching something like the KESSLER Pan and Tilt Head System to it and use the oracle controller

REVOLUTION Pan and Tilt Head System

Would it work?

Also, anyone tried attaching it to the front of a car?

How about something for the roof for the overhead shots?


Chris Medico October 17th, 2011 06:04 AM

Re: How to create a camera car?
Yes that would work.

You would need to use shims in the hitch to take out the play of the mount in the hitches receiver.

Something to consider is once you go outside the wheelbase any movement of the vehicle from bumps, vibration, and things in the road is magnified. Keeping the cameras attachment point inside the wheelbase helps reduce those movements. Not a deal breaker but something to consider.

You can attach the camera to the hood or front of the car using vacuum cups and mounting kits available from vendors specializing in grip equipment. I have a setup put together from Film Tools out in California. Not the low cost option but one that gives you a ton of flexibility.

Chris Soucy October 17th, 2011 02:16 PM

Re: How to create a camera car?
Hi, Syeed....................

A little closer to home, check out what these people have to offer, might be something that works for you...

Camera Suction pads and Vacuum mounts

One thing to bear in mind about all and any "out of vehicle" mounts that are not hard mounted (ie. bolted on) is that some sort of safety system needs to be contrived in case the mount detaches for any reason.

Those suction mounts are great (I have a set) but you'd be suprised by the miniscule amount of flat area there is on a modern vehicle of any sort, which means that attaching a suction mount is both tricky and prone to premature failure.

Another thing to remember, which Chris M touches on, is that the average least amount of body pitch and roll is exactly where a line from the front right wheel to the rear left crosses the one from the front left to the rear right. This does imply the camera being in line with the wheel axles, a bit tricky to arrange with a stock vehicle of just about any sort, tho' a purpose built 4 wheeled chassis (ergo, trailer?) hitched to a tow bar would not be rocket science to contrive.

Good luck.


Syeed Ali October 20th, 2011 11:09 AM

Re: How to create a camera car?
Thanks guys.

Will check out Film Tools.

I've used suction mounts (from b-hague.co.uk) the past and even managed to lose a camera with one. lol

That's why I'm looking for a fixed solution.

The trailer idea is interesting.

Thanks again.

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