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Pete Cofrancesco April 17th, 2006 10:31 PM

Beginner Setup for vx2000 / pd150
I have a feeling this question gets asked a lot but hope you bear with me because it's really important for me. I need a basic setup to video performances. I had person who wants me to video her dance recital in June so I want an in expensive setup for around $1,000 because I'm only planning on doing this part time. I have an acquaintance who's a videographer so I want to simulate his setup at a lower price. His set up:

Tripod: He has a big tripod that can straddle at chairs in an auditorium or setup in the rear or balcony. It has plenty of hight to view over heads of the audience and remain stable.

Video monitor: places this on mid level support or uses bungee chords to hang it in the middle of tripod legs. allowing him to monitor the framing while sitting.

Long arms and varizoom like controller: to allow him to pan and zoom from sitting position since the camera is often high up.

So far the equipment I've come up with is:
$784 Bogen 525 mvb = 503 head + 3460 2-stage legs
$300 varizoom
$000??? monitor (i think i have b/w monitor i can use)

I'm pretty sure the bogen 503 is the best priced head for me but I'm not sure what legs would be suitable for video performances.

Nick Reed April 18th, 2006 12:22 AM

Bogen's model numbers are a complete mess. I wish they would do the world a favor and get it right.

You mentioned the 525 MVB which is a leg set and your pricing reflects those particular legs so I am fairly certain that you want the 525 legs with the 503 head but you later note the legs as 3460. Well, the 503 head is also known as the 3460 head. There are no 3460 legs but Bogen does have some 3046 legs. See the confusion that comes out of all of this?

Anyway, I think that I know what you want. I also think that you are correct that the Bogen 503 head is the best solution in your price range.

However, I am not sure that you will be happy with the 525 MVB legs which use a ground spreader, especially if you need to straddle rows of seats. The ground speader could complicate things.

I would look for a spreaderless design, something like this... with the idea in mind that this will later be your second tripod when you get one for $1500 - $2000. The Bogen Wilderness tripod is lightweight and is very useful in many situations.

Bogen / Manfrotto 3221WN (055BWB) Wilderness Tripod Legs with 3460 (503) Pro Video Head and Softcase $465


If you want something heavier and more stable, you could get this...

Bogen / Manfrotto 3068 Universal Video Tripod Legs with 3460 (503) Pro Video Head $462


Neither of these have ball leveling but if you are in a recital hall, you won't miss it too much. You can always add the half-ball adaptor for around $40 if you want one.

Anyway, that is a couple of ideas that could work.


Pete Cofrancesco April 18th, 2006 01:15 AM

thx Nick. You're right I mixed up the model numbers. This is what I was thinking of:


My current tripod is: bogen 3130 head & 3011 legs (I also have 3221 legs on my photo tripod)

All I need is fluid head that pans smooth and is tall and stable enough for the vx2000. I'll look into your recommendations tomorrow when i can think more clearly.

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