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Richard Vaughan August 13th, 2007 12:13 PM

Premiere and Encore CS3 Encoding Problem
In the past few weeks I have been using Premiere and Encore CS3 to produce short movies in multiple formats. Previously I had been using Premiere Pro 2.0 and DVDLab Pro to produce SD DVD's only.

I am most impressed with the ability of Premiere and Encore to produce Blu-ray, DVD, and Flash output from a single project edited and authored in HD. Also, I find that the SD DVD quality is very satisfactory when working this way, taking into account the slight difference in sharpness of a 16:9 DVD compared with a 4:3 DVD with the same 720 x 480 pixels.

However, I have found a few episodes where red flashes appear in the files exported from Premiere and imported into Encore, and therefore appear in everything built from these files. These red flashes consist of a few consecutive pixelated frames, almost entirely red. They are MOST DISCONCERTING to the viewer, much more so than a simple freeze of the last good frame would be.

These red flashes are not numerous, perhaps two or three every 10 minutes, but this is numerous enough to be a big problem.

They seem to be more frequent at cuts, but they may appear in mid-scene also.

I have experimented a bit with two clips each a few seconds long. When put together on the Premiere timeline and exported to Encore there was a flash just after the cut. Removing frames to the right of the cut and re-exporting did not eliminate the flash; in one case the flash became green and in one case there was a second flash in the middle of the right-hand scene, where there had been no problem previously. Removing a single frame from the left of the cut made the movie play fine, with no flash, but the flash was there between the same two cuts in a longer movie when a couple of seconds had been trimmed from the left-hand clip.

The problem has appeared on two separate computers.

These two programs are next to useless unless this problem can be corrected or a reliable workaround found. Perhaps others have experienced it and can share the conditions under which it occurred and what they did to solve it.


Dick V.

K.C. Luke August 13th, 2007 07:13 PM

Have you look into ADOBE forum on Encore?


Richard Vaughan August 13th, 2007 08:35 PM

Yes, in fact there I find that others have had a similar problem with earlier versions of Premiere, but I do not find any satisfactory solution.

Dick V.

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