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David J. Payne September 12th, 2007 12:52 PM

applying color balance to multiple clips

I often have timelines consisting of a couple of hundred short clips and i might decide to colour balance some of them. Is there a way I can apply one RBG color correction effect to one clip, and then choose to apply it to those that have been selected by ctrl+ clicking? So that it applies the same level of Red Green and Blue to all clips, based on the first clip that is color corrected?

Many thanks

Todd Clark September 12th, 2007 01:50 PM

Copy the clip with the correction on it and then Right click on the new ones - Paste attributes

Lloyd Coleman September 12th, 2007 03:06 PM

Be aware that when you copy and past attributes that you will paste every attribute from that clip. So if you have other effects besides color correction they will get pasted too.

David J. Payne September 13th, 2007 05:28 AM

excellent.. its always so simple!

Thanks guys.

Dan Wilder September 13th, 2007 08:35 AM

You can also copy a specific effect by highlighting it (left click) in the effects control panel, right click to copy, select the clip you wish to copy the effect to, and then pasting the effect in the new clip's effects panel.

Douglas Turner September 13th, 2007 06:42 PM

If you've hundreds of clips that's STILL a massive pain to do...

What I would do is create a new sequence, then drag and drop your original sequence onto the timeline - this will create basically an instance of your original sequence - but it'll look like one single video.

You can then apply any effects to this one 'clip'.

edit: oh, and if you go and change the orginal sequence the changes are automatically picked up by your 'copy' sequence.

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