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Juan Dela Cruz September 29th, 2007 08:56 AM

Premiere color bars and production monitor
I just got a production monitor with blue only switch, I fed a colorbars coming from adobe premiere 2.0 and from my z1 camera, they are the same so I guess im having a standard SMPTE colorbars

here's what I did
1. I adjust the contrast of the monitor at full level
2. adjust the brightness until 0 IRE on colorbars)
3. Switch on the blue only
4. Adjust TINT until the brightness of two center bars are the same
5. I adjust the COLOR until both right and left end bars brightness the same
Now I can see all the blue bars equal in brightness.

Now I compare it to my cameras LCD (all in default center adjustment) and PCs LCD...

The color/saturation of my production monitor is not as saturated as on my cameras LCD and PCs LCD. really Big difference! about 3 notch

are LCD really that saturated by far from a Production monitor calibrated with colorbars? I need to up by 3 notch before I can match the saturation from my cameras LCD.

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