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Tim Bickford November 8th, 2007 08:05 AM

Exporting a AVI file at 24p + P-Pro-2 Bug
I shot some 24p (advanced) 16x9 DV with my XL2 and edited it in 24P with Premier Pro 2. My goal is to burn the finished video to DVD so that it will play 24 frames per second, progressive scan ,on a DVD player that will "pull down" the necessary frames and create the necessary fields to 59.94i playback on a interlaced TV.

Since I do not need any fancy menus - I tried to create this DVD directly from P-Pro-2 . After several attempts.. and getting the following error message "PluginCoder error: no plugin DLLs" I learned that there is a bug in P-Pro-2. You simply cannot create a 24p DVD with P-Pro-2. If you can... I'd like to see the work around explanation. I have yet to find one.

I decided to export to AVI from P-Pro-2. Then, encode to MPEG-2 with TMPGEnc. I would then burn to DVD with Encore. I ran into some problems doing this. Here we go.

1) First, I captured the XL2 24p (advanced) to P-Pro-2. P-Pro-2 removed the 2332 pulldown from the 29.97 and (converted) to 24 fps. I was able to edit in 24 fps timeline. However, you could see interlacing on the my PC monitor and my NTSC (via fire wire) monitor. I had to manually change each clip to de-interlace. QUESTION: Am I missing a step? Why is the video interlaced? P-pro removed the pulldown but appeared not to convert the interlaced to progressive. Am I missing something?

2) When I export from P-pro-2 to uncompressed Microsoft AVI there is a problem. TMPGEnc will not recognize it nor will windows media or any other video player. I get no-codec messages. When I attempt to export to one of the other AVI types from P-pro-2 the files are converted to 29.97 fps. I verified this with VirtualDub. I always triple check the settings (i.e. frame rate, progressive vs. interlaced) before exporting. I just want a uncompressed AVI file in 24 fps / progressive. QUESTION: Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?

3) Am I correct in thinking that I can encode a 24P (advanced) progressive AVI file to MPEG-2 that will play back normally on a DVD player with standard def interlaced TV?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Mike McCarthy November 8th, 2007 02:08 PM

I have heard some conflicting info about how 24p works on DVDs. Basically it doesn't seem worth it in 99% of cases. Instead, render to 29.97 with pulldown. Export a full resolution and framerate file from Premiere to AfterEffects (1440x1080 at 23.976 I assume). In AE, resize into a 720x480 at 23.976 comp. (Its a preset) Add to render que, in the render settings, set field render to lower field first, and then under add pulldown, I think WWSSW is the best choice.

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