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Taky Cheung December 31st, 2007 05:51 PM

Premiere Pro to Generate HDV MPEG file Trick!
After I finish editing an HDV project in premiere, I always want to output the exact same mpeg file type that HDV uses. You can't export in File->Export->Movie, or File-Export->Adobe Media Encoder. there isn't a settings for the HDV format MPEG-2 file. Now I found out how.

(1) When you are done with your editing on the timeline, no need to do any export. Just connect your HDV camcorder, loaded a blank tape.

(2) From the timeline, hit File->Export->Export to Tape. Hit "Render and Record"

(3) It will take forever to render your output to your camcorder. Go take a nap or watch TV.

(4) It will start recording to your camcorder. You can hit Cancel at that point. It will go back to the previous dialog box for "Render and Record", DON'T hit "Done" before you finish the next step

(5) Go to your "Video Capture" scratch disk location which you specificed under Edit->Preferences->scratch Disks. Locate a file called "HDVExport.hdv2". Rename this file to .mpeg or .m2t or .mpg.

Now you can cancel the export to tape function. Adobe will try to delete the HDVExport.hdv2 file but you already renamed that file. Premiere also insertd 10 blank seconds in front of the video clip. You can use any lossless mpeg editor (e.g. womble editor) to get trim out that 10 seconds.

That's it! you will obtain the MPEG file that is the exact HDV format adobe transcoded.

Julian Maytum March 17th, 2008 11:28 AM

So what do those of us do who don't use the tape transport of our cameras but a Hard Drive instead? I use a JVC GY-DV100 and a hard drive to record.

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