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Tim Bickford January 7th, 2008 12:48 PM

P-Pro-CS3 consistently crashing.
I am working on a 24P 16x9 DV project where most of the footage is 29.97 (with pulldown from XL2) 16x9. However, 30% of the footage is true 29.97 4x3 DV (no pulldown). I only ask P-Pro to interpret the 4x3 as 16x9. I then simply add different clips to my timeline.

Throughout the editing process I often move previously rendered clips, located near the beginning of the timeline, to a location in the middle or end of the timeline. Shortly after these changes (i.e. 1 minute or so) P-Pro CS3 crashes. The same project, after re-opening, will then crash on a regular basis (i.e. about once every 4 to 5 minutes) without notice and for no particular reason. I first blamed the problem on SmartSounds audio clips... since it coincidently crashed when I changed a SmartSound audio clip duration a few times. But I've since changed my opinion.

When the crashes become unbearable I resort to deleting the render files. I re-render the entire time line. This solves the crashing for a while... or until I start moving clips around again. I'm now in the habit of using Control-S after every change.

I'm wondering if the use of 29.97 (with pulldown) 16x9 and 29.97 4x3 Dv in the same project is causing the problem? Perhaps it's time to reinstall?

Any thoughts?

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