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Marco Wagner January 25th, 2008 04:14 PM

CS3 Green Screen Debacle
After upgrading to Premiere CS3 from CS2, I noticed that green screening is near worthless using my methods from CS2...

In CS2 I'd choose the chroma key, choose green and viola, it worked great -adjust threshold and such and beauty!

In CS3 I try the same thing and it looks HORRID!!! or doesn't work correctly at all. I then try color key (as I read that is the newer method) and it is just as bad, if not worse. So I'm sitting on hours of green screen footage that I'm ready to just scrap out of sheer frustration. I'm not in the mood to go BACK to CS2 just for green screen work either.

WHAT the heck am I doing wrong?

What I mean:
1. If the screen is not evenly lit (as a lot of the screen footage is not), CS3 will show every difference in shade where CS2 had some nice give to it. I was able to easily adjust and remove the differences in CS2.

2. If the screen IS evenly lit, CS3 still has trouble with it and seems to induce a lot of video noise... CS2 just snapped right into place with very little adjustment.

Douglas Figueredo January 25th, 2008 06:57 PM

I've gone through much of the same issues. Of course, keying with keylight in AE is really good, but I needed the fast preview from cineform in PP for timing, etc. The only keyer I've found that works well in PP and is not overly expensive is in Boris FX. I'd suggest you head over and download the demo (good for 15 days) and see if it works for you. Unfortunately, I think you'll have to throw some money at this to solve it. btw, Ultra does a great job of keying, but cineform doesn't support a realtime alpha channel and is why I can't use it for my work in PP. Good luck. If you learn anything new, please post a reply.

Marco Wagner April 22nd, 2008 12:50 PM

I think I found the answer and it is called Ultra CS3

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