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Alex Chamberlain March 23rd, 2008 05:28 PM

Video Preview (Forgive me)
I'm sure this has been asked at some point, but I really can't find it when I search. Everything I read regarding PPCS3 seems to indicate that you can't watch a preview of the HDV footage you are capturing (on your monitor) IF you are using a MAC. This would seem to mean that you CAN preview your footage if you are using windows. If this is the case, however, I'm completely at a loss as to how it is accomplished. Anyone care to weigh in please? Thanks a ton.

Jiri Fiala March 23rd, 2008 06:43 PM

No, you cannot preview or split-scene even on Windows. I cannot believe Adobe can get away with this in 2008.

Damon Gaskin March 23rd, 2008 06:47 PM

I dont believe with the software alone you can accomplish either. I know with my matrox card you get both and more. But to answer your question, I don't think you can with the app by itself...


Josh Chesarek March 23rd, 2008 07:33 PM

The PC version does not allow you to preview either. They simple ask you use your camera. I think they did it to help with performance and allow even slower machines to capture HDV.

Jiri Fiala March 24th, 2008 12:30 PM

And I think they did it because they are just lazy. They should at least give us an option. No one's editing HDV on computers so slow they cannot preview during capturing.

Josh Chesarek March 24th, 2008 08:16 PM

I had serrious issues watching the preview on my Macbook with only 1GB of RAM using Final Cut Express. Editing was fine but I needed a fresh boot to capture for more than 3 minutes, Otherwise the footage got way behind and it eventualy had to stop capturing to finish processing everything. An extra stick of RAM fixed that though. We will see what Adobe comes up with in the next patch/version. I wouldn't expect that type of option until another version. Be sure to suggest it to them on their website.

Jiri Fiala March 25th, 2008 03:42 AM

Yes, I hang around their bugs/suggestion page all the time :o)

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