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Will Aldersley April 18th, 2008 08:44 AM

Screen Capture editing in PPCS3

I recieved a request for a quote to produce a Software training video. It would require me to capture the software in action live on screen. Then edit it and add V/O in Premiere Pro CS3.

I did something similar a few years ago and had so many problems that I'm not sure I want to do .....however...work is work;

I need to know;

Best screen capture software to use which is compatible to PP CS3,
how would I set it up for export to PP CS3 so the file plays perfectly?

Best Set up for PP CS3 for importing and exporting final file?

Many thanks in advance....

Bill Mecca April 18th, 2008 09:31 AM

I've used the freeware Camstudio for screen capture and its lossless codec successfully for web based stuff. Edited in Vegas 6. It's basically what things like Camtasia etc are based upon. you can download it at Sourceforge

basically set up camstudio to record, start it recording, use the software, when you stop recording it will ask you where to save the avi. Once it's done it launches a player so you can check it. then just import the avi into your NLE. So far I've used it only for web stuff, but am using it for a DVD I am working on as well.

Paolo Ciccone April 18th, 2008 09:33 AM

PC or Mac? As long as the software saves QuickTime files you will have no problems. I use SnapZPro and it's flawless. Use either the Animation codec, Phot JPEG at 80% and you will have excellent results.

Will Aldersley April 19th, 2008 02:11 AM


thanks guys... I seem to remember last time I ended up editing in Quick time Pro which wasn't ideal....but the results were clear, and I was able to add a proffesional V/O and music..

I've just revisited my old project. It's saved as a QT file and plays really clearly on the player but when imported to Premier CS3 it appears blurred on the monitor. When exported it stays that way. What could this mean?

It's might end up being the case of editing in the suite that I know will produce good results, QTPro however I will tried and use CS3 .....

J.J. Kim April 1st, 2009 05:45 PM

I know it has been almost one full year since the last response, but I am in very similar situation where I have to produce training video that will involve lots of computer screen instruction.
I downloaded Camstudio and AutoScreenRecorder.
When I play the raw .avi file on Window Media Player, it looks great! I mean, it's crisp, clear and just so great. The problem starts when I imported them to the PP CS3 and start exporting to mp4 ( for web) and mpeg-2 DVD (for DVD)...
the quality is so disappointing that I am even sure if my client will accept the quality...
I am meeting with him tomorrow and probably start shooting in a couple weeks or so.
Any better solution for this?
Please help!
Thank you very much!


ps. I know using videocard with s-video out, but am looking for a solution without having to switch perfectly fine videocard...

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