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Kelsey Emuss July 4th, 2008 08:46 PM

Any Premiere Pro users?
I have recently noticed that if I upload perfectly good footage to PPro that it is VERY DARK in my viewing monitor. If I correct it to a good level in PPro it is WAY TOO LIGHT (and grainy) on the TV. In other words...it goes in as perfectly fine footage and comes out as perfectly fine footage (if I don't fiddle with it) but while in PPro it is DARK...so dark that I can't properly color correct it etc.

I have only been using PPro for 6 mths and I'm pretty sure it's a recent problem. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this? I've googled the problem and found others with the same issue but haven't stumbled upon a solution yet!?!?!


Rick Steele July 5th, 2008 08:59 AM

What kind of monitor are you using on the PC? Is it calibrated properly?

I don't think this is a Premiere problem. Unless both TV and PC monitors are color calbrated the same... each will show a different image.

Graham Risdon July 6th, 2008 02:45 AM

I agree - it's unlikely that PP is the problem. I use PP CS3 with an Axio LE and so see the output on the computer monitor, a bog-standard TV and a calibrated CRT monitor and they all look different. This multi screen approach is good because the computer monitor gives me an idea what the footage will look like on the web, the TV shows what a client using a TV will see (usually over-bright) and the calibrated CRT shows me what the video actually looks like.
In the end, if the video looks right for the target audience, it is right! Of course, for broadcast, you need the calibrated monitor and a waveform display to make sure its broadcast legal!

Hope this helps

Paul R Johnson July 6th, 2008 03:01 AM

I concur with the others, My edit suite has two different lighting states - harsh fluorescent for when I want it bright, and targeted LEDs when I want it dark, but need to see the keyboards. The PC displays is the low level state look really hard, and VERY bright, while the proper monitor looks 'right'. In the bright worklight state, the PCs look the best, the CRT not really of much use. As everyone says, quite normal. However, if it's very dark, are you sure the video level to the monitor is correct. Many nowadays seem quite happy with lower than normal sync levels so they don't roll, but a low input level does look a bit grim. Maybe somewhere yo have some terminating switches all on - this often pads the video level right down. Loop-through connections can often be guilty of dropping levels when set incorrectly?

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