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Marty Hudzik September 20th, 2008 11:08 AM

rendering times of PPRO CS3 on XP and Vista
Weird things are happening.

My main editing machine is: XP pro, 3.2GHZ Quad core, 4gb RAM PPRO CS3 and CIneform Aspect HD.

My secondary machine is: Vista Ultimate 32bit, 2ghz Core 2 Duo, 4gb Ram no cineform.

Now, keep in mind that even though I have CIneform, I am editing this is default adobe presets so I doubt that plays into anything, unless having Cineform installed gunks up even non Cineform projects somehow.

12 minute wmv file provided to me from Bride and Groom. Source file is only 32mb but looks clean as it is just pictures and no animation besides transitions.

On my main powerhouse PC with XP and quad-core, exporting to DVD compliant mpg takes 29 minutes and only uses 2 cores with adobe media encoder.

On secondary PC with Vista but only a 2GHZ Dual Core, same project renders in 15 minutes. Twice the speed of my other PC which is....well twice as fast techinically as it is 33% faster and has twice as many cores.

To add antoher twist, I have a 51 minute project in CS3 on my main quad-core that is High def (Canon HDV mpg) and has a ton of effects and transitions including Magic BUllet effects and it renders to mpg2 DVD files in 32 minutes and utilizes all 4 cores. So rendering 51 minute HD clip is faster than rednering 13 minute SD clip to same exact mpg preset.

What cause Premiere CS3 on a monster XP box to bog down when encoding a wmv file to mpg? Why is CS3 on Vista (on a dual core that is almost 40% slower) rendering it out twice as fast? I thought Vista was supposed to be a dog? I only setup this VIsta box for it's Media Center streaming....I just installed CS3 for those occassions where I could render something (expected it to be much slower) while I continue to work on main PC.

Any ideas? This just seems weird to me.


John DeLuca September 20th, 2008 11:48 AM

Do you have the '3gb switch' for XP?

Tripp Woelfel September 20th, 2008 12:40 PM

I think you have too many variables to make any sort of valuable comparison, but it could be the way the .wmv encoder works.

My main machine is 2.3gHz quad core 6600 with Vista and my second is a 2.0gHz dual core laptop with XP. I've done a couple of renders on the laptop (DV and HDV) and find it a little slower but not by much.

Marty Hudzik September 20th, 2008 09:04 PM

no 3gb switch. On other machines caused instabilities.

You do realize that the dual core that is 2/3 the speed is twice as fast rendering? I expect it would be a little slower than the quad... Not twice as fast!

I will convert the wmv to an intermediate format and try again. Ad I said, the quad core only used 2 cores to render to DVD mpg2 with the wmv, but used all 4 when rendering using hdv footage to DVD mpg2... So maybe the wmv file is the variable.


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