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Bob Hart March 5th, 2009 07:19 AM

How do I contact Adobe Support?
After a big clean re-install hassle so far, I just ran into this one when re-installing PP2 from the Adobe-supplied disk. Three tries and it still fails. System configuration is identical.

"Error 1335.The cabinet file 'Data1.cab' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM, or a problem with this package."

I wonder what my chances are of getting a replacement PP2 upgrade version disk out of them?

Before I go through this big ordeal of trying to find my way through the mess that is their website or a human to talk to within that behemoth, does anyone have any suggestions?


Nothing much has changed on their support website. It is still impossible to navigate past the "select product" section and somebody dumb like me cannot find another way to notify somebody by email there that I have a problem.

Pete Bauer March 5th, 2009 08:14 AM

The "Contact" link is right there at the top of the Adobe site:

Adobe - Contact Adobe

You can choose your country in the drop down box.

Changing the title of the thread since it isn't reasonable to flame Adobe BEFORE even TRYING to contact them. Hopefully they will confirm your s/n and then charge you a nominal amount for replacement discs but I've never had this happen so don't know what they'll do. Let us know how it goes.

BTW, I trust you did inspect the disc for scratches and tried gently cleaning it in case a smudge or dust was causing a mis-read?

Bob Hart March 8th, 2009 11:53 AM

The sequel to the saga is that I managed to contact a call centre. I did not do any good at the Adobe website except to bring ujp a page not available message. The call centre advised that because my software was not on their records (although it was successfully activated by telephone) and I could not provide a vendor's receipt, Adobe could not help me with a replacement PP2 disk.

However Adobe could sell me an upgrade to CS4. The same serial as I could provide is apparently okay if money is to change hands.

I tried the copy disk trick and that did not work.

I then polished out any tiny fine scratches on the disk with ceruim oxide then dry fine felt and managed to get an install by copying first to the hard drive.

The accompanying Adobe Acrobat Reader install fails and the lettering on the filename and instructions is replaced by blocks like a foreign language which cannot be translated. This issue was present previously. I did not then install Acrobat Reader from this disk but found it elsewhere.

I have yet to see if the install works as it should.

Bill Ravens March 8th, 2009 02:11 PM

Adobe customer support is like those water caches you see off on the horizon in the desert. No matter how far you walk, the water always stays the same distance away.

If you're lucky enough to actually stumble onto a real human, chances are they're in the Phillipines getting paid $0.25 a day. These people can help you only if your problem is in their database. Good luck.

Bob Hart March 8th, 2009 11:06 PM

It is a shame Adobe is not pro-active like the Silicon Imaging and Cineform crews in engaging with the clients at what is essentially an enthusiast level. The favour and goodwill David Newman and Jason Rodriguez generate for their respective enterprises should not be underestimated.

Even if Adobe subbed in some mad nerd kid from the Phillipines who is a camera and software savant to hang around here, they would do themselves a better favour than firewalling the consumer out of the equation if for no other reason than maintaining a public presence in a user-friendly web environment like dvinfo.

My personal experiences with operating on the Premiere and Cineform softwares have been good ones, even though I am operating on a non-certifed home-assembled system with all the gotchas that path entails.

My only regrets have been complex product activation routines and those have nothing to do with actual software performance.

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