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Daniel McPake June 12th, 2009 11:58 AM

URGENT HELP NEEDED PLEASE! - Premiere Pro CS4 4.1.0 Error
Story is, I have been directing, filming and editing a project for several weeks now to be handed in on this coming monday, the sound design was finalised today, we had a meeting with tutors, a few changes are needed etc so I came home, booted up Premiere Pro CS4 (on XP) and was notified about several updates.

So I checked them out on the web, (I was running 4.0.1) and they seemed like pretty useful updates - so I went for it.

They have all installed fine (for the whole master collection cs4), no problems, until i start up my project and for some reason have to re-render the whole thing for a preview.

I think ok, must be because of the update, so i leave it to render, only after about 3 minutes of rendering I get a very informative error! -- Error Compiling Movie - Unknown Error!

I have deleted the preview files, restarted many times, checked for more updates - I have system restore disabled on my pc so no help there. Nothing seems to fix it! And media encoder also crashes a couple of minutes in if I try and export without rendering in Premiere first!

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this has to be handed in on Monday!! And i have to do some tweaks this weekend!!

The project is HDV 1080 25P - from a Sony HVR Z5E. All files are stored on a seperate partition to windows. I have applied effects to pretty much every single piece of footage i.e. brightness and contrast, magic bullet de-artifactor for HDV footage etc.


Adam Gold June 12th, 2009 01:22 PM

Try creating a new project with identical presets, and importing the old project into it. Sometimes that works.

Daniel McPake June 12th, 2009 01:56 PM

Thanks, but panic over! I seemed to have found the issue.

Basically it was down to the Magic Bullet De-artifactor and the Broadcast Spec Video filters, must be some sort of conflict since the update, I will have to have a look and check what version I am running.

But what is a bit strange, is that on *most* of the footage the two magic bullet filters cause a problem, and premiere crashes as soon as i try to render, but not all, a few clips randomly allocated throughout my project have both of the filters on, and are working fine and render perfectly well.

Bit confusing, but oh well.

Jiri Fiala June 13th, 2009 05:34 PM

That should teach you one of the most important rules in video production: never update your editor mid-project.

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