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Mark Lewis August 27th, 2009 08:16 PM

"auto" breaking long clips into short clips
I make videos for youtube and other video sites.

I sometimes have videos which are 2 hours long. I want to make twelve 10-minute videos out of it. Currently, I create one long sequence, then import that into a series of other sequences, and edit the times into the 10 minute segments.

Vegas had a feature to "render this file into a bunch of files, and make them all X length". Does Premiere Pro have this feature? Does anyone have a workaround to accomplish this?


Lloyd Coleman August 28th, 2009 10:39 AM

I don't know of a way to automatically export 10 min segments, but if I undersand what you are doing, there is a way to export small sections of the entire sequence without making smaller sequences out of it.

From the main long sequence simply adjust the work area to the desired length that you want to export (10 min) and export it. In PremPro CS4 only the work area is exported. In earlier versions, when you went to export you would get a pop-up box where you would specify the location of the finished file and give it a name. In that box there is a 'settings' button. If you select that there is another box that has a field called 'Range'. In Range, select 'Work Area Bar'. Only the work area will be exported, even though the entire sequence is much longer. Then move the work area to the next 10 minutes and export again. Keep doing this until the entire sequence has been exported in 10 min sections.

I hope this helps.

Tripp Woelfel August 29th, 2009 06:25 AM

I don't think there's a way to automagically do what you seek. I have CS3 and if I want to render out only a piece of the timeline, I have to manually set the work area markers and then render out the work area only. CS4 might have changed that but I haven't seen anything written to that effect.

Mark Lewis September 9th, 2009 07:56 PM

10 minute segments video rendering CS4: My best practice workaround
Thanks for the ideas! I played with it and found a semi-straight forward minimal step solution.
1) edit sequence at full length
2) export media
2a) under the image in export media, there is a place you can enter "cue points". I enter cue points at 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, 40 min, etc. up to 3 hours (my typical largest file)
2a) KEY - SAVE the cue points as a file - there is a save feature. In this case "10 min cue points" or such.
3) double-click the first cue point (click on the middle value) - the marker in the video above the marker will move to that cue point (ex. 10 min).
4) click on the right arrow directly below the video on the left. that puts the "end" of the part you are going to render to the cue point.
5) render that video clip.

6) then repeat this process for each 10 minute segment
6a) double click the 10 min cue mark,
6b) click the left arrow under the video to move the "start" mark of your rendered clip to 10 minutes
6c) double click the next cue point (20 min, in this case)
6d) click the right arrow, puts the "end" of the clip render to 20 min.
6e) Render

7) next time you have a long video to render in 10 minute clips,
7a) export media
7b) click on the "open" icon at the top of the "cue points" section
7c) open the "10 min cue points" file you saved earlier - all the cue points come back
repeat steps 1-6

I also made a 20 min cue points file for the 20 minute format that facebook allows.

Good editing to ya'll!

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