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Mathieu Ghekiere December 8th, 2004 04:58 PM

Gunshots in After Effects?
Hey, I didn't really know where to exactly place this, but After Effects kind of is a plug in or a program to use with Premiere, so I'm just putting it here, someone may always remove it, if it would be on the wrong place.

My question is this: is it possible with After Effects (or Premiere Pro for that mather) to get visually realistic gunshots?
I know a realistic good sound effect will help alot, but I don't really have guns at home (thank god :-)) but is there someone who has experience with it?
Maybe even footage?

Thanks for the help!

Keith Loh December 8th, 2004 05:20 PM

Do a search please. A number of people have asked the same question.

In short, AfterEffects is a standalone program. It enables you to composite effects into the shot but does not in itself do a credible job of gun effects (there is a way you can do it using shapes but it doesn't look so hot).

I did a gun effect usign AfterEffects as a compositor by bringing in Photoshop frames. It is laborious.

There are other programs out there that concentrate only on effects.

Mathieu Ghekiere December 8th, 2004 05:35 PM

Thanks for the information!

I'll surely do a search, but maybe tomorrow, if I'm more awake ;-). Sorry I didn't do one now, I'm very tired at the moment. Need sleep. ZZzzz ;-)

Still a big thank you!

Gary McClurg December 8th, 2004 07:18 PM

Mathieu, I tried to link this up but I didn't have much luck.

But go to www.dvxuser.com

Go to screen grabs and look for the thread with the name:

" http://images.mysticcolorlab.com/34257Noir Effects "

It shows how a guy did gun shots with photoshop.

A great idea and simple idea.

Boyd Ostroff December 8th, 2004 07:31 PM

Here's a thread that offers some suggestions: http://www.dvinfo.net/conf/showthrea...threadid=28622

Mathieu Ghekiere December 9th, 2004 09:38 AM

Thanks for all the replies!

Kevin Foristal December 9th, 2004 06:43 PM

Check www.alamdv.com

Adam Bray December 20th, 2004 09:54 PM

I got some video of me and a buddy shooting guns on my site if you could potentially grab some. They are mostly assault weapons and shotguns though.


Mathieu Ghekiere December 21st, 2004 03:06 PM

That was scary footage, Adam...
Are you a terrorist?

Héhé, thanks for the effort though (this is to all people giving me advice :-))

Adam Bray December 21st, 2004 07:01 PM

No, not a terrorist. You don't have guns?

Mathieu Ghekiere December 22nd, 2004 08:12 AM

No, I don't :-)
First I am 17 so... And second, I live in Belgium, and I don't think many people here have guns... Well, at least not so many as in America (with all respect :-))

And to be honest, I actually don't like weapons too. They make me afraid. But I don't care about using them in movies etcetera, because there it is an illusion.
My granddad had them, and he shot many animals with them, so I know most people with guns aren't terrorists, but I was only making a joke :-) maybe a bad joke, but I have to learn to go to my bed at a reasonable hour so I won't make those stupid jokes everywhere I go.
Héhé, thanks for the link anyway:-)

Jeff Patnaude December 31st, 2004 09:42 AM

I grew up in northern Minnesota, and EVERYONE had guns. No big deal. Hunting is a family tradition up there, and you grew up learning about guns and how to be responsible.
No terrorists up there.

Jeff P :>)

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