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Derek Serra February 20th, 2005 10:35 AM

Good news indeed - now we must wait for Adobe....

The Matrox card is not shipping yet to my knowledge, but the Nvidia card looks promising, and about $60 cheaper than the Matrox.

Pierre Barberis February 22nd, 2005 06:06 AM

Premiere Pro Ugrade: any dates ?? any alternatives??
We all need ways to keep the quality of our FANTASTIC HD images. Here are some related thoughts

1/ Premiere Pro hability to re-export to some HighDef format.

One format can be the TS at 25MB CBR as created originally by the FX1. This has value only if the clips portions which do not need rendering would be translated "as if" ( ie -without re-encoding)which seems impossible if the MT2 files have not been saved, and any TimeCode connection between the avi's and the mt2s has been lost ( not to speak of GOP,etc..)

Otherwise the TS stream will be created from the avis, and therefore you can expect VERY lengthy export times..

2/ Once and if you are confortable with the necessity of "re-encoding" from the CFHD avis, why not consider reencoding in other definitions than the FX1's ?
It would be of great value to rencode in VBR and 720 25p, for instance, to fit most of today's real world projectors. You can store the produced material on Hard disk or DVDs, and play them back easily from any decent computer..So why re-export that to the camera's DV Tape ??? ( some DVD players do even accept "extended quality" DVD with Mpeg at over 10MB/second)

The thing is that to day this type of export from Adobe Premier Pro is far from OK: the trials i have made were executed with the MainConcept encoder, which support a variety pf 1080p/i, 720 25/30p and 720 50/60p etc ...

Unfortunately it seems that this encoder, even when producing in "progressive" mode does NOT handle well the "jagged edges" effect, which destroys absolutely the quality of the reproduced video, albeit excellent on static shots.

Would any one know
a/ if i did wrong in my parameters choices
b/ if there are other encoders doing a better job
c/ of any coder that would "on the fly" correct the "jagged edges" effect during play back
d/ of a better or alternate approach ??
like DIVX HD, WMV ??

Thanks for sharing your views.

Kevin Shaw February 22nd, 2005 10:17 PM

Most of the HDV samples I've seen on the internet, other than in native format, have been Windows Media HD at a bit rate of around 5 Mbps, and even at that low bandwidth it looks pretty good. I'd try various options for exporting to that format from the Premiere Pro timeline (perhaps at a somewhat higher bit rate), and see what works best.

Steven Gotz February 23rd, 2005 05:28 PM

I encode at 8Mbps, but yes, a video I downloaded from this forum that was encoded at 5Mbps looked great on my 60" Sony using the AVeL Linkplayer2.

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