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J.J. Kim September 23rd, 2009 02:51 PM

Very basic questions... forgive me
I have been using Adobe PP for almost 4 years now but never figured this out.
I know PP has advantage over FC for reviewing the timeline without rendering it, but here is my questions:
Does rendering actually affect the speed when exporting? Or is it really just for previewing real time?
I search and googled it, but no luck.
I know it's very basic stuff, but some answers will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, all.


Harm Millaard September 23rd, 2009 03:13 PM

The short answer is: No, yes.

Giroud Francois September 24th, 2009 12:48 AM

It depends the format and eventually hardware.

If the source is same format as the project, there should be no rendering, just where you apply effects and transition. These segment are rendered in temporary files for preview.

When exporting, premiere will use the raw source when possible (no rendering) , the temporary files (for segment rendered) and rendering the rest as needed.

It is easy to see this since the timeline shows the status of clip with the color (red= must be rendered)

For the preview it should follow the same rule, except if you use special hardware that can output the video with some realtime calculation. Here again there are several levels.

Either your card can process the effects and is showing them in realtime. there is no need to render for preview, but you will need to render for export. These cards usually offer their own limited set of transitions and filters (like some matrox RT cards).

Or your card is just able to preview the timeline as is, meaning that non rendered part will not show, unless the temporary files are built. (like the blackmagic intensity)

The general rule is you should work with files having the same format as the project to avoid unnecessary calculations. It is better to loose time of doing a good conversion of the original rushes to the right format, than letting Premiere crushing huge quantity of memory converting you images while working. These will greatly improve performance and stability.

In that way, codecs like Cineform are great because you always work with the same settings, the conversion being done at capture.

Tripp Woelfel September 26th, 2009 08:23 PM

The only advantage is with standard DV. Rendering transitions, effect, CC and the rest will speed your final output render. It will use the preview files for output. I believe that's unique to DV. The same is not true for HDV, and other "native" formats. The output render builds everything from scratch, ignoring the preview files.

Not sure about CS4, but I know that it's true for CS3 and earlier versions.

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