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Eugene Kim February 3rd, 2010 10:21 PM

DV Rack 2.0 with BUS-powered 7200rpm hard drives?
Hi, I still have DV Rack 2.0 HD (not into editing right now, nor would I be able to plunk down for a legal version of CS4 right now as by the time I get around to having the time to actually use it there'll be CS5 and I'll be kicking myself in the nuts)...and was thinking of how I might be able to squeeze a little bit more value out of it. Honestly, since I no longer shoot myself, it gets next to no use as I focus on providing a periphery all-in-one (that's sound + lights + everything else except the camera) equipment service these days. To me, it's still a great program, but with most everyone using a Panasonic P2 camera these days; they resort to that and frequent off-loading. I figure if I could use this to record direct to hard drive with HVX's that would extend the value I got out of buying this program (which up to now has been next to nill).

Of course, the only problem with this is that you need a fast drive (my old bus-powered 5400rpm is fine for the A1, but it's not going to cut it here), that is ALSO bus-powered to make this a practical enough solution to fly.

Would something like this work for my purposes?

LACIE 320GB RUGGED TRPL MOBILE-HD U2 FW FW8 7200RPM 8MB : Storage, Drives & Backup | Dell

It's the Lacie "Rugged" series line external hard drive, and appears to essentially just be the 7200rpm version of mine.

I have not looked into these these 7200rpm external drives as they were unavailable when I was looking into such things. My question is how practical do you find these drives, since (I believe) they require being plugged into TWO usb 2.0 ports for power.

Is this correct? If so, what kind of hit does this impose on battery life, etc.? Do you find the speed/performance sufficient as a *reliable* P2 substitute?

Any input into this would be much appreciated thanks. I need to buy a new external hard drive soon (albeit for another project/task), so just wanted to see if the added expense of a 7200rpm bus-powered drive would be worth it to me (otherwise I wouldn't need it).

Thanks muchos gracias in advance.

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