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Joseph Plekhov March 16th, 2010 02:38 PM

need help with sequences
After years of using Premiere 6.5 to mostly edit wedding videos, Iíve made a giant leap to Premiere Pro CS4. Iím using tutorials, Lynda.com and etc. to get familiar with my new Premiere, but Iím confused with the usage of sequences and canít find an answer anywhere. Premiere 6.5 didnít have this sequences feature, a completed project was on a single timeline containing several video and audio tracks, which was then sent to the Adobe encoder to convert to DVD format. In PP CS4, since each sequence is a separate timeline, how do you stitch them seamlessly to preview the whole project or to encode the full movie and use Encore to make a DVD? Are there any size/lengths limitations for the sequences? Can a full 1.5-hour wedding video project consist of one sequence?
I would really appreciate any input from the people who use PP CS4.

Harm Millaard March 16th, 2010 02:48 PM

No problem. I think the limit is 24 hours, but am not sure. It could be the project limit, but I recently edited a 5.5 hours sequence without any problem.

Coming from 6.5 it may be worth it to have a closer look at handles and nested sequences, since these are the most common hurdles one has to overcome with this change.

Peter Manojlovic March 16th, 2010 03:12 PM

It's common for older users of Premiere to get confused with Sequences...
I've just purchased CS4 the other day, and am getting my head around the CS2.0 to CS4.0 difference...

But be rest assured, sequences are your friends...Think of them as mini-timelines...
Sequence1-Bride's house
Sequence2-Groom's house

Master Sequence 4-Drag'n'Drop sequence1+2+3

If you want colour corrrection at the bride's house, go back to Sequence 1, and the Master sequence will update.
Also, sequences are Project properties independent..You can have HDV footage on sequence1, and DVCPROHD footage on sequence2..

Think of them as subprograms within a main program...Once you get the hang of it, you'll never look back..

Oh yeah, i see you use Encore..Even better...
You can open up Encore, and import the Sequences directly, including chapter markers!!! Just find the project file.
The sequences will eventually become timelines that you can link buttons to directly..
You can even go back to Premiere, make an edit, change a marker, and voila....Encore updates automatically..

You can see the size of the project in the Build Panel...

Joseph Plekhov March 16th, 2010 04:26 PM

Thank you guys, now I got it.

Sequence1-Bride's house
Sequence2-Groom's house
Master Sequence 4-Drag'n'Drop sequence1+2+3

Peter, in those four lines I found the answer I was looking for.
Thank you very much.

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