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Markus Klatt May 24th, 2010 10:30 AM

[Bug or am I stupid?] TFF or BFF in PP CS4 exported with Lagarith
Hello there,

today I've spent some hours (again) in Premiere pro CS4 because it didn't work as expected and as it should be correct:

- timeline with 720x576 PAL sequence
- I imported alternativly two different rendered materials from my AE 6.5 Std. and from VDub, always only one footage in the sequence, no mixing. Both were TFF (for sure) avis with Lagarith lossless codec, exported directly TFF out of AE or downsized in VDub via AviSynth:
* in AE I exported from a 1920x1080 timeline "squeezed" to 720x576 TFF in the render module
* in VDub I exported from Dan Isaacs HD2SD script with Interlaced_out = true, OutputFieldRate=50, this means as default OutputBFF = false

- I could not render videos out from PP as Lagarith avis, neither as TFF, BFF or as progressive. It was always obvious unsharp or wrong field order, even with "max render quality" set in AME.

- when I intepreted both footages in PP as "BFF" although it was "TFF" for sure and exported then as BFF from PP->AME, the newly rendered videos are looking fine.

Why the hell do I have to interpret the footage wrong within PP? When and why does the filed order change from TFF into BFF, in the second Lagarith coding generation?
Any known bugs or secrets one should know? Or am I simply overseeing anything?

Does this has to do anything with the fact, that I edited in a 720x576 DV PAL project? So PP expects and renders BFF only?
I do not have this problem with any HD timeline in similar situations, which should normaly be TFF...

Thanks for any hint!

Markus Klatt May 24th, 2010 11:10 AM

After these hours trial and error I've found it out by myself just seconds after writing the message above.
Yes, it is the project's field order. It worked since years as intended (DV or HD), but this was a new combination (HD field order in DV project). Just changing to TFF in DV project properties solves it.

Ann Bens May 24th, 2010 11:18 AM

FYI: When exporting your timeline to dv pal it will change back to BFF eventhough you set fields to upper.

Markus Klatt May 24th, 2010 11:33 AM

Good to know, just tested it: yes, its obviously BFF when exporting DV PAL and therefore "wrong" as it does allow to set it to TFF.
But since I do not use DV codec but Lagarith only this is not a problem to me - at the moment.

Thank you!

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