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Brett Munoz June 15th, 2010 12:16 AM

Crossfades causing crash (cs5)
I am exporting XH-a1 and 5d files (cineform neo 4k) to blu ray disc. Some clips are also treated with Magic Bullet Looks. Via process of elimination I have determined that crossfades are causing my exports to crash. When I remove crossfades, it exports just fine. What could be causing this? I am on an i7 960, 12gb ram and 285 gtx 2gb.

Paul Curtis June 15th, 2010 01:41 AM


I've just done this too. And it crashed. However it's slightly different. I created a new project, new sequence. dropped two cineform files onto a cineform preset.

Did a cross dissolve between them.

Rendered preview on timeline, fine. Exported this as cineform avi - worked okay

Dropped a magic bullet onto one of them, played through non real time, fine.

Preview rendered the two clips and bang, PPro crashes.

I'm running visual studio so try and see what the problem was and all i can track down is an exception, 'An invalid parameter was passed to a service or function' which doesn't help too much because i can't see a stack trace to know where that happened.

I'm going to experiment a bit more and maybe mention this on the cineform forum.


Brett Munoz June 15th, 2010 01:59 AM

After doing more testing I realize its not the crossfades, its something else. When I remove the crossfades it gets me much further down the timeline and without letting the export complete, I assumed the issue had been resolved. Well it hasn't and now I am trying to figure out what this could be an indication of. Anyone have any ideas? I have tried with a variety of different sequence settings. The only thing I can think of is the Cineform codec is to blame. Its crashing even without the Magic Bullet effects.

Paul Curtis June 15th, 2010 02:07 AM

Brett, can you try this

create a new sequence with non cineform settings. say XDCAM 1080p. Copy and paste your other sequence onto it and then render/export out to a non cineform codec.

This time cineform is only being used to read.

The step beyond that is to convert all your cineform source files into something else and relink them and eliminate cineform from the equation completely - that would isolate whether it is a cineform issue or an interaction between MBL and CS5

What sort of crash does it do?


Paul Curtis June 15th, 2010 03:03 AM

Brett and anyone else...

Some steps to reproduce.

Create a new project and a three sequences. one cineform preset and two xdcam presets.

Import two cineform files and the same original files (XDCAM)

Add the cineform files to the cineform sequence, apply a crossfade and MBL to one of the clips
Add the cineform files to one of the XDCAM sequences, do the same
Add the XDCAM files to the XDCAM sequence, same again

First observation. Without the MBL the XDCAM/XDCAM sequence plays back realtime through the dissolve. Anything with cineform in does not play back realtime whilst dissolving between two clips.

Now preview the three sequences

XDCAM/XDCAM previews perfectly, no problems
CINEFORM/XDCAM previews and then at about 90% PPro hangs
CINEFORM/CINEFORM previews until the beginning of the dissolve and crashes PPro. With visual studio the only info i can find is an exception thrown with a parameter not being expected but i can't tell where, why and who.

The first observation is weird. Surely cineform should be able to stream two pieces of video together realtime? It's coming off the same drives as the XDCAM. I mean i suppose that could be bandwidth limited and perhaps needs more testing on my part (i think the source is off a single drive in that case). Not too worried at the moment because it's not crashing.

But the interaction with cineform, MBL and cross fade is worrying and i believe Brett is also having this problem.

If i take MBL away from the equation:

XDCAM/XDCAM runs realtime.
CINEFORM/XDCAM stutters but forcing a preview works okay.
CINEFORM/CINEFORM requires a render over the dissolve and then during playback freezes at the beginning of the dissolve and from then on fails to render ANYTHING until a restart of the machine (not just PPro)

If i take the cross dissolve out but keep MBL in: Then all 3 sequences will render and play.

Here's where it gets interesting

Now focusing on the CINEFORM/CINEFORM timeline i add a cross dissolve back in, so the timeline has three parts first clip MBL, the dissolve section, the last clip clean. Because i'd rendered just the MBL previously when i add the cross dissolve it renders fine, it just had to render the cross dissolve section. If i clear the preview files and force a complete preview, bang, PPro crashes just as it gets to the dissolve section. There's a dialog R6025 pure function call comes up before the crash.

Then it's a restart PC.

Now i'm using the normal PPro cross dissolve, the one flagged as real time. I tried the above with the cineform dissolve but it crashed in the same way.

This should be fairly easy for others to test and i would hope give the cineform guys something to look at.

Brett Munoz June 15th, 2010 12:58 PM

My system crashes when I try to render effects in timeline. I get the error R6025. I will do some more testing later today. I hope Cineform is not to far from their next update.

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