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Alan Kennedy July 5th, 2010 10:00 PM

CS5 - Win 7 'not responding'
I've been looking for info on a problem but I can't find anything that matches my issues.

First - my system is Win 7 Pro, Intel i7, 12Gb ram, SSD system drive, RAID 0 video plus additional 'data' drive for projects & non video elements (all drives have lots of free space). The only weak part of the system is the gfx card - Quadro 560 (entry level)

Source material - SONY XDCAM EX HQ (1080p - 29.97)


CS3 - The files work just fine. Everything works, no yellow/red line above content. I can play/scub etc.

CS5 - Same media - but has yellow line above even when sequence is created using the auto method.
When I play or scrub it will work for a few seconds and then playback will stop. I will still have control of Premiere menus etc. for a few more seconds and then the system will freeze (not just Pr). After awhile i will get control back and then the same thing will happen. With the task manager running it reports almost no cpu usage and that Pr is 'not responding'. I have no other apps running.

I've tried different video files, different formats (HDV), moved source video to other drives, started a project in CS3 and open in CS5 and the result is exactly the same each time. Same tests in CS3 = no issues.

Any suggestings would be more than welcome.


Robert Baynosa July 6th, 2010 08:04 AM

i think your card falls way below the requirements for gpu acceleration support in cs5. i think you need at least 756mb video ram and 64 cuda cores, your card has 512mb and 32 cores.

but with that being said, you could try to the following things and see if it helps:
1. update your video drivers
2. lower video playback resolution
3. just shut off gpu acceleration in ppro cs5

hope that helps

Randall Leong July 6th, 2010 09:24 AM


Originally Posted by Robert Baynosa (Post 1545696)
i think your card falls way below the requirements for gpu acceleration support in cs5. i think you need at least 756mb video ram and 64 cuda cores, your card has 512mb and 32 cores.

Actually, you were referring to the FX 580. The OP has an even older FX 560, which was the equivalent of a GeForce 7600 series. As such, it does not support CUDA at all and thus it cannot use MPE's GPU acceleration feature at all even if it has 2GB of graphics RAM. Only the GeForce 8 series or higher have CUDA.

Plus, the FX 560's GPU has separate vertex and pixel shader units while the CUDA GPUs have a unified shader unit for both vertex and pixel shaders.

What's more, most FX 560s have only 128MB of graphics RAM. If the OP's is one of those, then expect frequent lock-ups during graphics-intensive tasks such as video editing in CS5. A minimum of 256MB of graphics RAM is strongly recommended just to run CS5 acceptably. And the reason why the FX 560 was adequate for CS3 is that CS3 itself does not use anywhere near as much system resources as CS5.

In other words, the OP was using a GPU that was designed long before 64-bit desktop Windows environments became popular.

Alan Kennedy July 6th, 2010 02:13 PM

GFX Card
Thanks guys. Randall I think you're correct that its the 560 causing the issue which is also why I've not been able to find other posts with the same problems. The card is the only thing I kept from my old system.

I'm going to look into the replacement options.

Thanks again.


Craig Coston July 6th, 2010 11:32 PM

Keep in mind you don't necessarily have to go with a Quadro in order to get the best performance editing. Make sure to buy Nvidia, but you can do well with their GTX 285, 470, or 480 at a fraction of the cost of the Quadro. Check out http://www.ppbm4.com/benchmark.html to see the top scorers and what their cards were.

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